New Businesses Bringing Thousands of Jobs to Luzerne County

HANOVER TOWNSHIP -- Thousands of new jobs are on the way to Luzerne County.

A developer chose Hanover Township for the site for its new warehouses for clothing retailers Adidas and Patagonia.

Those warehouses are still under construction but people are already excited to hear the news about more jobs.

The warehouses are in Hanover Industrial Estates, bringing with them, thousands of new jobs.

People in Hanover Township say they already know some who might apply.

"I know quite a few people that haven't found jobs in the last six months and it'll be a good opportunity for them," Alin Marte said.

County officials tell Newswatch 16 Northpoint Development owns the land where these warehouses are going to be built.

People in the area hope they're good-paying jobs.

"No one wants to be a charity case. Everyone wants to have the opportunity to care of themselves and their family," said Moses Andrade.

County leaders say part of the reason developers were drawn to Hanover Township is its proximity to Interstate 81 and readily available workforce.

"The workforce here is productive," said Joe Capece. "They are hard-working people. It's been bred in them from the miners up."

"A lot of people think this part of Pennsylvania is down on its luck but I think this is a sign that it's turning around," said Sydney Mintz.

There is no word from the developer on when they'll start hiring or when the facility will open.



    They could give all the so called feel good stories in the world about nepa. Cheese sandwiches and app fueled parking meters in Pottsville, low skilled jobs created in wb area, train paintings and town spirit in Tamaqua, PBS diversity documentary in hazleton , Santa coming to rebuild Shenandoah etc etc, (hard to make up one on shamokin so far) You couldn’t give me a million dollars a year to relocate back, live and work in NEPA in 2018. #keepingitreal

  • Kingstonguy9 (The Citizens Voice)

    The Spanish are already in line to apply

    While all you others are crying and playing the blame game

  • Wow

    Thanks to trump , we rapidly becoming a third world country and are supposed to be thankful for minimum wage jobs — Educational opportunities are reserved only for the wealthy. When will people turn off Fox and stop voting against there own best interests?

    • E

      You are clueless. In this country the less income a person earns the more money they can get for higher education in the form of student loans and grants. I would wager you never even looked into the matter. I’m guessing you’re one of the “student loans are a form of welfare” NEPA local yokels.

      • wow

        You missed my point. With the GOP dismantling of the public school system and aid to higher ed (replacing education with Fox), the “yokels” don’t get a quality education and don’t have higher ed opportunites. The GOP congressmen send their kids to the best prep schools so they couldn’t give a hoot about the middle class. The “yokels” with their Fox infused minds think they are not millionaires because a Mexican took their high-paying job. Then they keep voting against their own interests.

    • Jd

      While it’s true that not everyone will get accepted at big name colleges, there are tons of online colleges begging for students. The opportunities are there.

  • Oleo Sampucci

    These jobs will be paid what they are worth, $12-$15 for worker bees in fulfillment and logistics jobs. Not bad for unskilled or low skill positions. If you want to make more you need 1). A skill, 2). A trade or 3). An education. These jobs will bring disposable income and tax dollars into the area. Perhaps you should have studied harder in Econ 101.

      • look for the onion libel

        Maybe your enemies Richard, but certainly not anyone that has done anything to better themselves. Oleo speaks the truth. These jobs are needed as are the people to perform them. What, do you think everyone should be handed a $100K/year job with full benefits upon graduation from high school? I believe that’s the dim-witted Democrat mantra is it not? Graduate with no skill or trade, join a corrupt union – pay your dues and vote the way we tell you to – and we guarantee you’ll keep your job and get promoted no matter how much of a dolt you are. Or maybe, you could continue your academic or trade education and work your way up to that living wage job after proving yourself for a few years?

    • MAGA22

      These jobs are for people working their way up, you have to start somewhere, and jobs pay for school, these jobs are also helpful for older people who are supplementing family income, to help pay the bills, so Yes the more jobs the merrier, Trump is Great!

    • yeah, right?

      Yeah, I would much rather see jobs outsourced to other countries and people here at home unemployed too. I guess we can’t lose at everything.

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