Woman Having Issue with Guineafowl on Her Property

ROARING CREEK TOWNSHIP --  A woman from Columbia County is having issues with rare birds that have shown up on her property.

"They're not like chicken size," Emily DeWald of Roaring Creek Township said. "They're nice and plump."

DeWald said four guineafowl have been paying visits to her property every day over the last couple months. She doesn't know where they came from. DeWald believes the guineafowl showed up on her property because of her collection of bird feeders.

"We just started chasing them thinking they would go wherever they had been, and boy we did that for weeks," DeWald said.

She said the birds are causing damage.

"They've been digging holes in the garage," DeWald. "They've been walking with their claws on the truck and car. Mainly, I think, the car and of course, there is bird dirt around from them."

She decided to contact local agencies to see if something can be done but hasn't had any luck.

Newswatch 16 contacted the state game commission and the SPCA. They said they can not come to DeWald's property and remove the guineafowl because they're considered farm animals and are not something they handle. Guineafowl aren't native to Pennsylvania.

DeWald said she's looking into options for the birds. The last thing she wants to do is harm them. She's looking for someone to take them from her.

"I'm an animal lover so I just really don't want to do something like shoot them, but we've talked to somebody and they would do that if we have to," DeWald said.

DeWald said she has some people who are interested in keeping them as pets.


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