Temperatures Finally Above Freezing but That Can Mean Steep Heating Bills

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WILKES-BARRE -- We are finally above freezing for the first time in two weeks, but the deep freeze in the past two weeks will likely mean steep heating bills.

People in Wilkes-Barre are not looking forward to their next heating bill.

“I need a second job,” Eddie Sienkiewicz said.

“Absolute dread,” Markeata White said.

“Horrible,” Jada Lynch said.

“I think I've been putting it on 90 every night just to kick it on after work, then I turn it down to 70, which still gives me anxiety,” White elaborated.

The price for UGI’s energy has not gone up in years. Natural gas prices are actually down, but it’s the extra usage during all that cold that could pinch its 300,000 customers.

About 10% of those people do take advantage of some of the company’s payment plans.

“We can't help you if we don't hear from you. So please, if you're having trouble with your bills call 1-800-UGI-WARM,” UGI Spokesperson Don Brominiski said.

UGI has several programs aimed at making it easier for customers to pay their bills – one of which is an outreach program at 1-800-UGI-WARM (1-800-851-9276). There is also a budget billing plan, which gives customers an even total every month to avoid bigger bills in the colder months.

“Some of them have income eligibility guidelines, but UGI can work with you to see which plans fits you the best,” Brominiski said.

If you need additional guidance, you can always call Help Line 24/7 at 1-888-829-1341.

“We can't help you out with that payment to that particular utility company, but we can take care of it you need food. We can get you in touch with a food bank. You need clothing, there are different clothing rooms available we can get you in touch with,” Director of Help Line Services Tom Foley said.


  • Jay

    The title of this article makes absolutely no sense. The author was clearly trying to connect two disperse semi-related current events but failed.

  • Greedy Bs

    These oil companies just want money up front and don’t offer payment plans….not all of us have 100s of dollars at one time to shell out. SHAME ON THEM!

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