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Family, Friends React After Hearing for Murder of Domino’s Delivery Driver

EAST STROUDSBURG -- Israel Berrios, his girlfriend Carolina Carmona, and her brother Salvador Roberts are all heading to court on murder charges.

A district magistrate made that decision Tuesday after a preliminary hearing.

The three are charged with robbing and then murdering Richard Labar last month on the campus of East Stroudsburg University.

Labar was delivering pizza for Domino’s when state troopers say the three lured him to an empty campus building by placing a pizza order.

Berrios admitted to shooting Labar in the face when he refused to hand over money.

Labar later died.

"We can't believe it, and it's hard for us right now, so we're just trying to take one day at a time,” said Labar’s widow Roxann Labar.

At the preliminary hearing, Labar's family members sat in court wearing t-shirts in his memory.

During that hearing, they learned that the father of defendant Salvador Roberts also worked at that very same Domino's and was a delivery man, himself for years, who had also been robbed.

"It's a horrible thing, but those are the cases where it's most important to do a good job and be clear because whenever you have bad, horrible facts, there’s often a rush to judgment,” said Robert Saurman, who is defending Roberts.

None of the defendants testified during the hearing.

Because Berrios is under the age of 18, he is not eligible for the death penalty, but prosecutors say they are still deciding whether this will be a capital case for Carmona and Roberts.

"It would be only the other two that would be under consideration, and no decision has been made in that regard,” said Monroe County Assistant District Attorney Michael Mancuso.


  • Archie Beal

    You people should be ashamed with your neanderthal ways of thinking…condoning and supporting the death penalty? Nobody has the right to take someone’s life…except God…put these people in jail and give them the opportunity to rehabilitate and enter back into society …they are young enough to change and become productive…give them another chance.

    • I LuV Neanderthals

      Send them to Archie’s house for rehab! Me personally I’d break out the old testament on them.

  • Tedj

    Saurman is an unethical scumbag of an attorney who defends scumbags and will do anything or say anything whether it is the truth or not. He should be locked up with his scumbag clients.

  • Writer Girl

    The three stooges/losers. Killing a man for $100 of chump change. That’s what you call desperate. Inject all three!

  • Kathy Dwyer

    The fact that Mr. Berrios robbed and stabbed before should be enough to try him as an adult. The fact that they shot this family man doing his job and that was the intention. They had a gun on them called to knowingly have a pizza delivered with the intent to rob him and shoot if he didn’t hand it over willingly should be enough for the death penalty immediately upon conviction. The justice system is obviously broken and needs to be fixed immediately. Stop slapping people adults or kids on the wrist for violent crimes period

  • Not Surprised

    If the death penalty was enforced….in the way of hanging, firing squad, electric chair etc., ….the amount of crimes would significantly decrease. Facts are facts. If you were sentenced to death and your fate was executed within a three month span you would see a noticeable difference in this country. Time to drop the hammer on these scumbags sitting on death row for the remainder of their lives with three hots and a cot. Come on President Trump. You want to address the debt of our Country? START THERE!!!!

  • Archie Beal

    I DO NOT believe in or support the death penalty…we are not God and we as humans have no right to decide who lives or dies…we are all God’s children…I am a strong liberal and will always continue to vote straight democrat!

  • Wnepviewer

    My favorite part of PA is the WNEP. Good news, cute on camera talent (schneds), and lots of odd people to report on


    from the recent posts by Wnep beautiful areas such as . tamaqua, hazleton and pottsville are undergoing extreme gentrification lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheese-sandwiches and parking smart phone apps available in downtown pottsville some paintings with a train and a 19 year old mayor in Tamaqua, joe maddons hazleton documentary . God people from across the america might be flocking here soon!

    • WAYNE S

      I forgot about the shamokin area. but no delusional feel good stories out of there. Well it made tosh 0s worst city in america. But in reality this area is going to the dogs.

      • ozzycoop

        Then why are you still here and bitter. Move away and be happy. There is life beyond your Shamokin trailer park.

    • Marius Pudzianowski

      That’s a very intuitive observation. All those people flocking here, they’re exactly what Wilkes-Barre said was gonna happen, and the city is building a resort/conference center/high-end hotel to accommodate the multitudes.

  • John Williams

    After hours delivery is a very high risk job. dont take a high risk job. losing your life isnt worth it. Make the dregs of the earth pick up their own pizza

  • Sad Times

    So sad this happened to this poor Man delivering Pizza, may God Bless and confort his Family and Friends….. What a shame, that rewind 30 years ago, these Cities, were once, decent enough, you did not have to worry about drug dealers, addicts, violent crimes etc. getting shot, or mugged….. Sure there is always crime anywhere, but it was much lower incidence, and that is a fact ! These Big Cities, sent parts of their Ghettos to Williamsport, Wilkes-Barre, other towns…. I mean decent towns, and them you get an infliux arriving in your commumity or peole with long rap sheets, assault records. drugs, rapists, thieves, most had rap sheets, former convicted felons….. Then they came to these sleepy towns, what on God’s earth were the City Leaders or whomever thinking when they allowed this ruination to begin ? Hope they feel good looking at once was, and what now is with these continued violent, and fatal trends…Wether influx or illegals, NEPA is mostly not safe no more, and getting worse I fear

    • E

      Wrong. Your white trash slum is a dumping ground for dead-beat dads, alcoholic trash, party girl whore battered women from NY/NJ, ex cons and dishonorably discharged veterans for decades. Your area has ALWAYS been a dumping ground and now you’re just getting a different KIND of garbage, other than yourself. You have two of the LARGEST dumps in the United States in your area. Who are you kidding?

      • Sad Times

        Well as I say, IF the Death Penalty to Murderer’s was an Executioner, administering to them the Death Penalty in the EXACT same manner, they did to their victim, I disagree with you, me thinks they WOULD care about their owe life. But that being said, now they kill on impulse, and maybe NOT get caught, and IF they do, GED in prison, Ping Pong, Weight Sets, TV, study to become a Monister, and Religious, good behaviour, Model Prisone benefits, free Health Care, 3 meals a day, and lovers of same sex eventually, OR maybe even conjugal visits at some point…. To many benefits to deter from Murder for these animals, violence only understands violence, give murderers Death Penalty, in manner they kill, and I am certain, murder rates will drop !


      If you read any studies, the death penalty doesn’t work and isn’t ethical in modern society. While I do sometimes wish that these people could have what they did to others done to them, it isn’t justice. Also, some of you really need to read up on treatment in prison. The inmates pay for everything, and they’re given a bill when they’re leaving. They pay for doctor visits, commissary food, toiletries, court fees, etc. It isn’t a free house where they can do whatever they want and get free stuff.

      • Robert

        You can bill the rock that came crashing down the side of the mountain and dented your car if you want to. You’ll never get that rock to pay for it. I’m not worried the death penalty as a deterrent either, prudent financial decision.

    • Sad Times

      Build a wall outside Philadelphia also ! Other thugs coming to PHILiamsport from that neck of the woods ruining the City

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