Charges Filed in Methadone Overdose Death

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PALMYRA TOWNSHIP -- Methadone is mainly used to help heroin addicts, but troopers in Pike County filed charges Tuesday, saying a man sold it to another man, causing his death.

Troopers picked up Anthony Damico, 36, from Long Pond, and charged him with a drug delivery resulting in death, a crime that was rarely prosecuted until recently in Pennsylvania.

Troopers believe Damico played a role in the overdose death of another man near Newfoundland last February.

According to arrest papers, Damico sold methadone to Russell Loomis, 21, for $125. Loomis took the liquid and died.

"We were waiting for this for a long time," said neighbor Toni Catapano. "It has to start and end somewhere. Like I always say, it's an unfortunate and avoidable thing. It's very sad."

Neighbors remember Loomis as a helper, one of a kind, and while he may have struggled with drugs in the past, they don't believe Loomis ever used methadone until his death.

"It's not a secret this has become an epidemic. As I said, needs to be a beginning and end. There needs to be consequences, hopefully, scare people not to deliver drugs," Catapano said.

Investigators say Damico told them he visits a methadone clinic in Mount Pocono every day. Court papers go on to say Damico takes his dose of the drug that's meant to help with withdrawal from opiates at the clinic.

But somehow, troopers say, Damico supplied the liquid methadone to Loomis, causing his death.

Investigators say Damico told them he did methadone with Loomis that night but that the drug was already at the victim's home. But troopers say they uncovered text messages between the two discussing methadone.

Damico is currently locked up.


  • Writing from experience

    Ah, methadone, that miracle drug that treats the addiction to other drugs. Of course, one addiction flows from the other and treating ADDICTIONS with new ADDICTIONS is not the answer.

    People don’t become addicted because the stars align and the moon rises in Venus. Addicts have underlying personality/behavioral/mental issues and those are what need to be addressed, FIRST. It hurts to withdraw from heroin? TOUGH SH*T! That’s the price of the addiction, and nothing reminds an addict of what their addiction has cost them more clearly than pain. The people that are destroyed as a result of their addictions don’t count. The pain is what they will always remember.

    Stop giving addicts new and more creative things to become addicted to. Methadone is NOT the cure. Self-awareness and personal accountability IS.

  • trucker

    Every local radio host was pushing for a “Methadone clinic” to be forced into a residential community with children and families and promoting it as “medicine”. Those who thought is was a bad idea were mocked and reviled. The one in Williamsport is called the “Williamsport Family Medical Center” and is located in a mall full of kids and teens.

    • Writing from experience

      Exactly. Poor, poor addicts. They’re so misunderstood and they’re so fragile.

      An addict doesn’t care about anything other than their next fix. Whether it’s heroin, tobacco, gambling, sex, whatever. Society needs to stop treating these people like they’re the victims of bullies or something. People choose to buy methadone from other addicts. The guy who was arrested did something illegal, absolutely. But he did not force the customer to buy the drug OR take it.

      The addict is ultimately responsible for their situations. Pushers? Don’t like ’em and they need to be taken out. But, a seasoned pusher won’t be indulging in their own products – they know what happens if they do.

  • mopar driver

    And Methadone is considered “safe” , Why not cut off addicts as a substitute highs is a joke ( till they steal enough for Heroin), Our Govt’ is getting losers high on our tax dollars , Multiplying the problem . These losers need a dose of reality . Not more dope.

  • laura

    addicts selling methadone is very common. people willing to buy also very common. people will use this who have never touched heroin thinking it’s the safer choice for a high. it is a drug. it may be intended to help heroin addicts but it is also addicting.

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