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Allegiant Airlines Adds More Flights From Lehigh Valley

ALLENTOWN -- A low-cost airline that left Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport is adding flights at Lehigh Valley International Airport.

Allegiant Airlines will offer 100 more flights to its existing destinations in and near Florida, now through may.

Airport officials expect Allegiant to continue the extra service in the future.

After five years, Allegiant Air stopped its service to and from Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport last week citing low demand.

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  • Fredric

    Despite efforts of the current management, Wilkes-Barre-Scranton airport is hated by commercial pilots and treated as a necessity by passengers. The approaches are dangerous. Parking is priced as a luxury. The schedule is packed around 0500-0800 flights and their return after 1500. For instance, American Airlines often abandons the flights to Philadelphia in the early evening. All in all though, it does O. K.

    ABE is comparably a dream with a better market, approaches and facilitates. It allows larger planes to operate there. Larger means more profitable.

    Allegiant already has operations at ABE. This is probably a consolation on their part.

    If the airport management wants to talk with me, please do.

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