Police Chief Arrested in Undercover Child Sex Sting

Leechburg Police Chief Michael William Diebold faces charges such as unlawful contact with a minor related to sexual offenses.

LEECHBURG, ARMSTRONG COUNTY — The online ad was pretty blunt: “Dominate [sic] male police officer seeks fun, discreet, sub playmate — m4w.”

Before long, that officer got a response from a purported 14-year-old girl. And the age didn’t dissuade him, authorities said.

“… everyone has to have a first time,” the officer responded, according to a criminal complaint. “… you will just have to get me naked tomorrow.”

But the officer sending those crude messages wasn’t just any cop — he was Michael William Diebold, the police chief of Leechburg, Pennsylvania, investigators say.

And that 14-year-old girl wasn’t really an eighth-grader. It was a special agent for the state attorney general’s Bureau of Criminal Investigations.

When Diebold tried to meet the (fictional) girl on Friday, he was instead met by fellow law enforcement officers. The 40-year-old police chief was arrested and faces several charges, including unlawful contact with a minor related to sexual offenses.

Bail was set at $500,000. Diebold remained in custody Sunday at Westmoreland County Prison in Pennsylvania.

It was not immediately clear whether Diebold has an attorney.

The Leechburg Police Department did not respond to a message Sunday asking about Diebold’s employment status. But the police department’s website Sunday still showed Diebold leading a police force of three full-time officers, including himself.

‘This case is particularly heinous’

Before his arrest, the police chief was somewhat of a local celebrity. After losing his arm in a fireworks accident last year, Diebold married his fiancee in a ceremony featured on TV, CNN affiliate WTAE reported.

But the following year, Diebold was online soliciting sexual acts, according to the criminal complaint against him.

“I am a dom male that is also employed as a full-time police officer. I hope that does not scare you off,” Diebold posted, according to the complaint.

“I am looking for a female sub for ongoing play sessions. I do not have a set type of woman so any age, race or status may email me. I respect any and all limits and you do not need to be experienced.”

Daniel Block, the special agent posing online as the 14-year-old girl, repeatedly stated the age, Block wrote in an affidavit. But he said Diebold’s advances continued.

“… what are you wearing right now, proof that you are serious would be a bra and panty pic right now,” the police chief wrote, according to Block’s affidavit.

On December 29, Diebold allegedly sent several images to the undercover officer, including photos of an erect penis in various stages of undress.

After Diebold asked to meet the girl in person — and was subsequently arrested — “Diebold admitted to being the individual who was communicating with the purported child during all the communications,” the affidavit states.

“Diebold admitted that he knew that sexual contact with a 14-year-old child was wrong and illegal and that his life was totally over.”

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said the police chief’s case shows his office “will prosecute any offender to the fullest extent of the law, no matter who they are.”

“This case is particularly heinous because the perpetrator is a public official, sworn to serve and protect the community,” Shapiro said in a statement. “Thanks to the hard work of the agents and prosecutors in our Child Predator Section, one more predator is off our streets.”

Wife left ‘broken, blindsided’

Danielle Reinke Diebold, Diebold’s wife, told CNN affiliate KDKA Sunday that she has never hurt so much and felt that God had given her more than she could handle.

Her life and children’s lives had been completely shattered, she said in a statement.

“I am broken, devastated, humiliated, and I was completely blindsided. He was the first man ever in my life who never made me question, never gave me a gut feeling, never a bad instinct or sign and we were even in the process of planning to extend our family.

“This is not who we knew. We knew a loving, caring father and husband and we are grieving the loss of that man,” she said. “I will never find the right words to say but I want to say I am truly so sorry to everyone out there including any minor that may have been involved, our community, family, and friends.”


  • the answer

    I will guarantee that he was also a firm supporter of the orange -faced liar that presently resides (sometimes when not golfing) in the whitehouse.

  • mopar driver

    Danielle , Didn’t you know cops are some of the most messed up psych there is , Suicide and violent crimes are the result of feeding control freaks power and protecting them .

  • Huggy

    No big surprise coming from PA. Sick, yet typical especially for street roamers. So he roams in a patrol car instead of beating feet…a roamer is still a roamer and NEPA has TONS of them

  • Cover it Up!

    That is absolutely ridiculous that they detectives in this case did not allow the Police Chief’s department ample time to cover up this crime. Shouldn’t there be a month or 2 of stalling/deflecting before he is actually charged with something.

  • mopar driver

    Gotta love the dirty cops , Since PA is full of them . Guess what this dirtbag would do with any child/woman he could have some control over ? The corrupt authorities better lose this one fast . Anyone try suspended WITHOUT PAY for once .

  • Jimmyc

    Haha haha, they will LOVE him in prison! A cop and a paedophile!! The inmates will own him!! What was he thinking??

  • Mike

    I believe the penalty for police officers should be more severe than for others. The same as I believe the penalty for a crime against police officers should be more severe.


    It is simply a sick world, we cant even trust the cops in this pedophile state. yet people post 100s of pics publicly of there children on Facebook. for bragging rights and attention.

    • Shut FB Down

      Facebook has become the bane of humanity. If everyone who has a profile would shut their account down for 2 days, the whole shebang would collapse and be forced to either rebuild with better ethics, or just disappear.

      The new app for kids? Great. Great.

      I don’t have a profile, and I never WILL subscribe to a social media service.

      • WAYNE S

        people in the skook love FB. The area is boring, full of blight and depressing so they use FB as a crutch.

      • Sexcrawfish

        I’m just combing back my hair and listening to The Silver Bullet band. Got a quart of lager and some french ticklers. Wanna rumble?

    • Been There Done That

      No. It is not relegated to law enforcement. Each person who has access to a computer, smart phone, or a library computer has the potential to indulge their most depraved fantasies via digital means. This goes on, every day, and Laws need to be changed to protect the plaintiffs in divorces like this one’s going to be: make that individual pay for that betrayal for the rest of their natural life.

      These sociopaths (in all walks of life, moron) take money from joint accounts to pay for their activities. Often, if the other partner isn’t paying attention, homes go into foreclosure, vehicles are repossessed, and it’s an avalanche of tragedy that has no means of being measured.

      This isn’t about Law Enforcement, needle dic. It’s about betrayal of the worst kind.

  • Thanks Technology!

    Yes, with the ease via technology, dark doors that should never have been tried are flung wide open, and I completely understand Danielle Diebold’s situation and I will say a few things to her, specifically. First is to get counseling, ASAP, because this level of betrayal cannot be processed without specialized help. Next is to get the best divorce attorney she can, and begin the process. Next is to keep the kids OUT of the discussions. Next is to begin processing the fact that the man that you thought you had married never existed in the first place. He wore a mask and it finally fell off long enough for him to get caught. This isn’t about your failings – he was sly. The man is a sociopath.

    There are men and women out there who marry for the sole purpose of having a cloak of normality to hide behind. When they are exposed, it is dreadful for the people who were blindsided. Dreadful.

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