Mother Facing Charges after Children Found Home Alone

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FOREST CITY -- When the temperatures were in the single digits late last week in Forest City, officers say they found a situation at a home that left three kids in danger.

According to an arrest warrant, the landlord was there late Thursday afternoon to make sure the pipes didn't freeze and discovered three children ages 8, 5, and 1 alone. The only source of heat was an oven with the door open and the temperature at 400 degrees.

Police filed child endangerment charges against the mother, Domonique Cenatus, 24. She's still not in custody and police say Children and Youth Services removed the children and placed them with their father.

"I would go in and take the kids out and do what I could to help them," said Kealey McCracken.

"It doesn't surprise me with drugs infiltrating this area, people make poor decisions," said Phil Waisanen.

Court papers say the oven was on with towels hanging from the door and rug underneath the appliance. There was cold food on the counter and investigators say the kids had not eaten since the morning.

Cenatus took to Facebook after the incident and claimed the landlord and police acted improperly, claiming the whole thing was racially motivated. Her post has been taken down.

That led to big backlash online and the police kept the front door of borough hall locked on Monday.

Pat McCabe came to show officers her support.

"I was coming here to give Jimmy a hug, the cops a hug. It's like, I don't know, you've always been good to us. We've never had a problem," McCabe said.

Forest City Police posted to Facebook saying the accusations are one-sided and without merit.

Cenatus is still wanted for charges of endangering the welfare of her three young children.


  • J

    NEPA your true colors are showing… Some of these comments are disgusting! And you commenters are saying “It has nothing to do with race”, look at what you’re typing!

  • Frank N.

    24 years old and has an 8 year old child?? She’s been laying on her back for a while. She was probably out of the house trying to make more! Another upstanding import. Give her a bus ticket back to the city. One less skank in town

  • Mia

    I don’t know this girl, but I believe her, I know the landlord and she has always been a bully, I have no doubt she set up this girl, I saw to post where Darlene (landlord) was calling the girl the N word, once a bully always a bully, she should be charged for entering her apartment without 24 hours notice.

    • Do The Eyeroll

      All documented on FB, no doubt. The landlord “set this up?” By doing what? The landlord might be a b*tch, but it’s no easy task BEING a landlord. What did “Darlene” do, pumpkin? She call out the mother to a bogus job interview, then turned off the heat and entered the apartment, turned ON the stove, opened the door, and told the children to keep a secret? Seriously?

      You idiots are all the same. If it’s on social media, then it’s true. I call HACKS.

      • Do Not Reproduce

        Either you are deliberately egging people on, or you are dumber than a sack of hair. In any perceived emergency (kids being left alone?!?!), a landlord can enter a premises without permission.

        Effing retard.

    • Hmmm

      I’d like proof that it was actually the landlord that she was messaging. Also, please explain why she would rent her home to a poc if she was racist?

  • Get the story straight

    Hey JIM HAMILL AND OTHER STORY TELLERS: Why not do a follow up story now that Susquehanna C &Y gave the kids back and DENIED charges ? You are all pathetic but want the best for the kids? Then tell thw truth that the kids are just fine and allowed to be with their mother still because SHE DID NOT COMMIT THESE CRIMES. Proof is all over facebook there were no charges from C &Y. Also lots of facts are out there for proof that said “agent” is a thief. This family was clearly taken advantage of and robbed from for weeks.

    • Stop Posting

      The proof is on Facebook is like saying that angels fly out of my ass and expecting everyone to believe it.

    • adalagarzi

      I once posted a picture on facebook of me taking flight by helicoptering my dick.

      Since it’s on facebook, it must be true and real, right? There has NEVER been anything on facebook that’s a lie or misleading.

  • piquerish

    I am a black person, therefore, anyone even looking crosswise at me for the entitled, egoistical criminal, animalistic stuff I do is — and absolutely MUST BE — (all together now): RAY-CIST!!!

    • Facts

      She has her children back, the charges are still being pressed however. Obviously CYS did not think they were in danger. The mother also has proof of documentation from CYS stating everything was denied and dismissed. This woman may have made a mistake but you shouldn’t crucify her claiming she’s a welfare rat and is a danger to her children. There are plenty of white families/single parents that should not have their children and are on welfare. Skin color has nothing to do with wealth or the ability to be a mother.

      • Do The Eyeroll

        Since you seem to have all of the FACTS, you’re going to post on this board that the mother is working, full-time, at a position that allows her to pay her own way, and pay for her children, as well? You’re going to tell us all that she’s not on the WIC program or the low-income housing program? You’re going to tell us all what a terrific mother she is, aren’t you, because you have all the FACTS.

        Well, there is an extreme shortage of FOSTER families that can feed and house children in this State, and Family Courts typically try to “keep the family together,” even if this outrageous notion is not in the best interest of the children.

        Yeah, tell us all about the FACTS, please. Hacks. Bullsh*t.

    • Please Splain

      Probably because you said something along the lines to indicate that black people get all pissy when you point at their culture and scream about racism, but then they do things that are 100% illegal and immoral (leaving kids alone?!) and scream that it’s BECAUSE they are black that they’ve been singled out.

      That’s probably why. ;-)

      • Facts

        Thank you for your opinion, but no. Actually my comment was on the side of the mother because she has messages from this landlord calling her a “n*gger” and saying go back to where you came from and no one will listen to her or believe her because she is black and the whole town (including the chief of police) is on the landlord’s side. So calling someone a n*gger, isn’t racist? Oh and the fact that she said she would lie and the say the rent was never paid.

      • piquerish

        +FACTS – Any excuse in a storm. You have, of course, seen these documents, yes? And even if they are true, back to the children left to sit on a hard place twixt burning to death in a fire, suffocating in a cloud of CO, or freezing to death. Your heart isn’t with these innocent kids. It’s with your favorite Race Team. Go Team GO!

      • Stop Posting

        An educated and wise mother would know to never pay rent in cash without receiving a receipt.

        It’s social media drama-trauma because someone who has no regard for her children made an error in judgment and can’t wiggle her way out of it.

  • Think Positive

    How about one big collective laugh in her face, for suggesting this is racially charged. Those poor kids. Maybe the 8 year old was trying to take care of his/her siblings and brainstormed to use the oven for heat. Poor little sweethearts. Too bad she doesn’t realize that what she’s choosing, over those little darlings, isn’t worth a dime.

    • Get the story straight

      You such a drama queen. Smh. Get some hekp for that. And since you have internet means, by all means, go ahead nd do some research . those poor babies were put at risk by darlene and police chief. 45 minutes inside the house collecting belongings for kids that supposedly had no heat? Mmm. Ya ok. Why not put them kids in a warm cop car and go to the station? Because for 45 minutes said agents were destroying personal items, stealing again for weeks, and fabricating an entire unbelievable story while s o called “agent” harasses and threatens tenant. Smfh

  • bye chief

    there r home grown forest city people who commit way worse crimes than this. good thing that house didn’t catch on fire an take the whole block down to. jason are you concerned if Dominique had working smoke detectors? the things we do for best friends.

  • Please Splain

    After Oprah’s bellowing manifesto, I wonder how she would explain this tragic situation. That the mother was underprivileged? Good god, I’m paying my own way and I can’t afford tattoos, weaves, nails, OR an iPhone.

    Racism, indeed. GTFO

  • Jillian

    What about the messages from the landlady? Obviously, there’s more to it than this young woman leaving her children home alone. This story is obviously NOT the truth in full. The news should be better than that…especially local news.

  • Dennis Fausey

    We should all be Ashamed of allowing this hot mom to be put in this situation. Why couldn’t we give her MORE welfare money. Pay for her Heat. And alow this little hottie more time to lay around and have more kids ? why ? why ? Why?
    she deserves way better than what we have been paying for !

  • Tit tat and duck lips

    Nothing says quality mom like a tit tat and a duck lip selfie. Of course it’s racist. Money for tattoos and that iPhone, but heat & food for the kids? Optional. Wait – the found the father? And they still can’t find Hoffa…

    • Do The Eyeroll

      If you check out the comments, above, there are people (or, one person) posting that it was all a setup between the landlord and the Chief of Police.

      Now, if any one of these erudite and in-the-know individuals would be so kind, please tell all of NEPA what Darlene and the Chief of Police were going to gain from this………………….setup. Were they going to get money? Were they going to get……jewels? Sex? What?

      Perhaps, just perhaps, the mother is exactly what she is being perceived to be and SHE is the one setting up her whole defense to look like a racist thing. WHERE IS all of this documentation?!?!?! On a social media site where anyone can manipulate posts, delete and insert information at will? Sickening.

  • Oh Well

    Those babies of hers are very thin…But her hair, nails and iphone looked great. Pulling out the race card typical. Look up where she came from I am sure you will find her back there.

    • Ramsfan

      MOPAR DRIVER , She has her kids. Who do you want her to pay child support to ? And OH WELL, i am happy that you have fat children, SMH.

    • NYET

      Carl. M’boy. In this current year, all one has to do is to play the race card and it’s game over. Of course, it’s all about race. LOL!

  • adalagarzi

    License to operate a 12 ton vehicle? Check.
    Background check to legally own a firearm? Check.
    Permit to build a shed in your back yard? Check.
    License to reproduce? Nope.

    I use to be against human sterilization, assuming it to be “a crazy and irrational approach to a population/child cruelty issue” but now, to some people, children seem to be nothing but resources that need to be managed.

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