Arrest Made in Mall Carjacking Case

WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP -- Wilkes-Barre Township police say they’ve arrested the man responsible for stealing a car at the Wyoming Valley Mall last week.

Angelo Brito, 27, of Wilkes-Barre, was charged in connection with last week’s carjacking at the Wyoming Valley Mall.

Police say it all started when Brito threw a young boy out of a 2015 Audi and took off on New Year's Day.  

Not long after that, police say Brito was in a hit-and-run crash on Kidder Street near the East End Center, but Brito kept going.

Police say the car was found after two people watching the news noticed it outside their home in Hazle Township.  The car was blocking their driveway so they asked Brito to move it.

Police say he ignored them and walked to his sister’s house nearby.  That couple called police. Officers then interviewed his sister who led police to Brito’s home in Wilkes-Barre.

Police are not saying how they were able to track down Brito.

Brito is being held on $75,000 bail.


  • SaveLuzCo

    However he got identified, Police or the family, or both..its a great thing. The police are catching more of these scumbags this year, Its Trump untying the ridiculously jumbled knot of protections these kinds of people have been getting the last 2 decades, why the Dems & libs want to coddle them as they hijack & kill their own family members is a case for the Darwin Awards, You leftists see what you have created?

  • Sad Times

    Black, White, Yellow, Green, Purple, makes no difference, TRASH is TRASH ! And I mean that, TRASH comes in all colors, non are exempt ! However what bothers me is the Minorities seem to be the Majority of crime, violence etc around NEPA and many other places… And that is an honest observation, not racism…. Why ?

      • SMDH

        Technically, you are correct, whites do commit more crimes but that is because the size of their population is much larger, however; if you review the most recent crime statistics released by the FBI, as a percentage of population minorities do commit a far greater percentage of crimes than do whites relative to their respective population size. You may not like that answer and it may offend you if you are from a minority group, but the numbers are the numbers and of course, you are free to click the “thumbs down” if that makes you feel better. Sociologists and criminologists will forever debate the reasons why minorities commit so many crimes and and we can try to socially engineer fixes until we are blue in the face (as did Johnson with the “great society” legislation of the 60s that ramped up the welfare state) but we will likely never solve this because our culture is decaying at a far greater rate than ever before in our history and the continued breakdown of the nuclear family will continue to negate any attempts that government, religious organizations, or civic groups do to combat this problem. Education is a great first step to fix this menace, but until parents fix their own problems first and get involved in (and value) their kids education and provide a positive drug-free, non-violent environment for kids to flourish—we will continue the downward spiral and that is not a good thing for anyone.

      • I have had enough!

        The above statement presents the one thing liberals really hate……. facts and the truth proven by facts!

  • FracingA

    “Police say the teenager and another witness described the man as a possibly Hispanic male, wearing a white shirt and jogging pants.”….looks like a 5’ Turd likely wearing those same jogging pants whose last name just so happens to be pronounced “Burrito”

    • ozzycoop

      Well since you are here legally we could get rid of you too. We don’t want ignorant pieces of white trash either. Give the Native Americans their land back. Deport the white man back to Europe!

  • Gofundme please

    Need to start a gofundme and get electricity to that libtard island so these primitive indigenous freaks can go home to port poor!

  • WT#F

    Police are not saying how they tracked down Brito. Whaaaa? Your kidding right Caroline Blackburn the reporter, right?

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