Flames Destroy Restaurant in Montrose

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MONTROSE — Investigators in Susquehanna County are looking for the cause of the fire that destroyed a well known restaurant.

The first alarm at Original Italian Pizza  along South Main Street in Montrose came in just before 11 p.m. Saturday. Flames eventually shot through the roof.

Firefighters from across Susquehanna County were called to the scene.  The building is believed to be a total loss, and parts have collapsed.

The pizza restaurant occupied the first floor.  There were apartments above.  Firefighters tell Newswatch 16 that everyone inside made it out OK, but they could not give an exact number of people who lost their homes.

Temperatures in Montrose were around zero when the fire broke out.  Water froze soon after hitting the ground, and falls on the ice were a major concern.

According to the restaurant’s website, it had been in business at that site for more than 20 years.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.


  • Mike

    Bummer. They had the best pizza for 30 miles.
    I hope they rebuild or relocate soon. Their staff is great but won’t wait around forever.


      Gee Wizz Tammy, I am just glad the Sparks did not reach The Dollar General Store. Then we would really have a problem on our hands.

      • worked for 60 years

        Boy you are right. If Dollar General burned down you welfare suckers would be in a disaster situation. Try a JOB sometime it works great when you need a buck.

      • Vicki A Cain

        In light of this tragedy I don’t think potshots at people who are on welfare are appropriate or very sensitive. The concern about the dollar store was legitimate, if it had caught on fire then it would have been that much more dangerous to the firefighters and the surrounding businesses and homes. Also, granted some people take advantage of the system, that’s true for most things, but there are many people on welfare who have worked most of their lives and contributed to the system through their taxes that now are in dire straits because of health issues such as cancer or diabetes, or some selfish boss who fired them for their own gain or vendetta, and will do so again when they are back on their feet.

      • Just me

        Well considering I live next-door I was more worried about the flames or sparks hitting the propane tanks that were directly next to the fire. Not to mention all the water they were spraying on the fire was turning straight to ice when it hit the ground so thank God nobody fell and got hurt during it all. Not about being on welfare it’s about being safe. It’s a shame this is tragic that was the best Pizza shop I have found in Susquehanna County yet they were awesome to all of their customers. So keep your wise comments to yourself.

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