Water Freezes Over at Trout Hatchery

DANVILLE -- The bitter cold froze the water at a trout hatchery in Montour County.

Ice blocked water flow from the hatchery at the Montour County Sportsmen for Kids Nursery near Danville.

Water flow has been restored thanks to volunteers, but officials fear the damage may have already been done.

"We've never had cold this long. We just haven't had a break since Christmas," said Jim Bookmiller, nursery manager. "We won't know what we have until the ice melts. I'm sure we lost fish."

Several people donated heaters to help thaw the ice.

Now, officials worry some warmer weather on the way could cause flooding issues for the hatchery.


  • Fredric

    No emergency planning needed, right? A simple shiver test or sitting on their chair watching WNEP 16 would have told these dummies it was cold.

    This is a felony to leave animals out to die in the cold. Honestly, it is.

    It is a simple enough project to maintain the pond. Use an old drum and a few pipes around the edge and burn something in the drum.

  • Sue

    why wait till it’s frozen solid, which is what the story sounds like. most water gets a thin film of ice before it gets deep. that’s when the heat should have been applied. sportsmen huh?

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