Staying Warm in the Cold in the Poconos

STROUD TOWNSHIP -- Tables and chairs inside the Eastern Monroe Public Library near Stroudsburg were filled with people reading books, using computers and trying to stay warm.

Doris Sibley from East Stroudsburg says the library is where she comes to get out the house and out of the cold weather.

"It's really, really nice. It makes you feel good to have a warm place to go for a bit before you have to go back home," said Doris Sibley, East Stroudsburg.

Maria Lina Blado from Stroudsburg is looking for work and since it's too cold to drop applications off at potential job sites, she's doing it all online from the library.

"I hate being cold. It's wonderful to be able to come here. The people are really helpful and I just like coming here also," said Maria Lina Blado, Stroudsburg.

For people who wanted to stay warm, but active, they thought the gym was the perfect place to spend this cold January day.

Paz Ortiz from Reeders was one of many people trying to knock out the cold at Retro Fitness in Stroud Township.

"You know what, this is the best thing to do. Once you're up here a couple years you get acclimated to it. I love the cold, it's the best. You come in here, get warmed up, go out there and get back to life, you know," said Paz Ortiz, Reeders.

"Coming inside is always great because you escape from that cold but you also get your workout in, you know," said Alexandra Ortiz, Stroudsburg.

Patrick Riley from Pocono Township says he's getting a two for one deal at the gym, staying warm and keeping up with his New Year's resolution.

"January everyone usually has this resolution so it's kind of busy and yeah, it drives people in. If runners can't run outside, come here and use the treadmill, absolutely," said Patrick Riley, Pocono Township.

Others say staying indoors and active is the key to beating cabin fever during these cold winter months.