Despite Cold, Bloomsburg Area School District Remains Opens To Help Students Stay Warm

BLOOMSBURG -- Even with frigid temperatures outside, classes in the Bloomsburg Area School District were still in session, just delayed by a couple hours.

Instead of closing like many other school districts, Bloomsburg was operating on a two-hour delay for students.

"It's always a balancing act for us. We feel our schools are a refuge for us, a safe place for many of our students. We can be sure the students coming in will be warm and will have a hot lunch,” said Superintendent Donald Wheeler Bloomsburg Area School District

Ever since he announced the delay, Wheeler says he's been getting both backlash and support from parents.

Wheeler tells Newswatch 16 because the school was on a two-hour delay, students were not only able to get a hot lunch. But thanks to the Bloomsburg food cupboard, they'll also have food for the weekend.

“Every decision we make is, 'how will it affect the kids?' And this was a decision that, honestly, weather like today 100 out of 100 times, if we can provide students with a warm environment, provide them with good, we are going to make that decision,” said Wheeler.

Newswatch 16 caught up with Mike Huben as he was picking up his daughter Ingrid at the high school to take her to Bloomsburg University for STEM classes.

"I think they've made a good decision here. The two-hour delay helps in a number of ways. Obviously, it's freezing, so I think it's a good idea so kids can get the car started,” said Huben.

Students who braved the cold to go to school tell Newswatch 16 they didn't want to miss classes.

“Definitely don't want to miss class, it's always important to get those lectures in,” said Collin Kruczak.

"I really wanted to get to school just to keep up with my classes because they'll keep going without me,” said Jenna Madden.

In a news release sent out, the Bloomsburg Area School District says students who weren't in school on Friday will have an excused absence.

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  • matt edwards

    AT LAST A SCHOOL DISTRICT WITH SOME BRAINS. CLOSING SCHOOL BECAUSE IT’S too cold ! my god we are turning in to whiners and wussies ! it’s winter fols. that’s what gloves and hats and winter coats are for. SHAME ON 16 FOR LETTING THEIR WEATHER PEOPLE TO HIDE INSIDE. CAN’T STAND OUTSIDE FOR 15 MINUTES? WHAT ABOUT WORKERS OUTSIDE ALL DAY ?

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