D.A. Will Not Seek Death Penalty in Deadly Arson Case

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WILKES-BARRE -- Luzerne County prosecutors will not seek the death penalty against the man charged with an arson that killed three boys.

Preston Bonnett pleaded not guilty to homicide and arson at his formal arraignment on Friday.

Bonnett is accused of setting a fire at a home in Laflin in October. Three brothers died.

Bonnett's trial is currently scheduled for August in Luzerne County.


  • Puerto Rico is better than PA

    Wellll he did kill 3 kids so he might be in protective custody for the rest of his life

  • Sad Times

    As I said on a post last week, ANY Murderer positively guilty and convicted, should have an Executioner administer the Death Penalty in the exact manner to the Killer, that the victims suffered, that would DETER some crime, and make criminals think twice, if they feared receiving a swift justice death penalty in the manner they killed their victim/victims

  • Miss Information

    Seeking the Death Penalty in PA is like Pokemon Go. It’s a farce from the gate, so what would be the point? Instead……

    Gather the community together and hand out some containers of kerosene (doesn’t burn as hot) and lighters or matches. Then, have that puke walk a gauntlet – citizens will either light that b&sturd up, or they won’t. But, you better believe that someone would not bat an eye while that guy went up in flames like he did to the innocent victims that he murdered.

  • Archie Beal

    I believe this was the correct decision…neither you or I should decide whether another human being lives or dies…we are not God…I am not a proponent for the death penalty…good choice

    • Bracka

      Even in biblical days it was understood that “death” was suitable punishment for murder, mr bonnet made the choice to burn three kids alive, he may well burn, his soul will be judged by god not us..but for crimes against man, death is the right choice..bring back the death penalties & clean up luzerne county

    • RU Buzzed?

      Archie, Archie. You’re a sad, silly, and vapid one and you obviously do not understand the concept of the Death Penalty. The Death Penalty isn’t about vengeance. It has to do with justice and paying a debt to society. This man murdered three kids in one of the most horrific manners imaginable – burning to death. One of those kids survived long enough to suffer unimaginable pain before he expired from his injuries. The other two died in a state of utter terror and pain. Where do you get the sack to say that this man’s personal choices and subsequent actions do not warrant his execution?

      Anyone who takes the time – the TIME – to douse a structure with fuel, strike a match, and set the whole thing ablaze is not, will not, and never has been someone in possession of a conscience. At any point, Bonnett could have simply sucked it up and walked away, but he chose to light up that structure with the sole intent of murdering whomever was inside, including children. This is an individual who is too depraved and dangerous to exist in society, under any circumstances. The fact that the victims were all children only adds to the level of evil that this man truly is. The best case scenario for this man is that he will be beaten to death while incarcerated, as he richly deserves to be.

      Go have yourself a hot chocolate, Archie. Sit and contemplate your own stupid vapidity and whether or not you should even comment on anything important in Life. Your opinions are evidence that you are a foolish, empty-headed nincompoop that should do nothing more strenuous than feed the cat. Bleeding idiot.

    • Bill K.

      I want revenge. Pure and simple. I’m not gonna say it’s to keep a hardened criminal off the streets. I wanna see him suffer just like his victims suffered. In fact, I’d love to watch an execution. I’d love to stand there taunting him as he suffers in agony.

      • RU Buzzed?

        You are allowed to want revenge, but we have Laws and consequences in place to prevent vigilantism. Not that I don’t think it wouldn’t be appropriate to set this asshat on fire, myself, but we have to have Laws in place and consequences for breaking those Laws to prevent anarchy. I do not believe that this man shouldn’t get the Death Penalty. Clearly, he has done something to deserve that punishment. But, the State of PA doesn’t execute anyone, regardless of the Death Sentence, or not.

        Archie is blind to truth and it’s very sad that s/he feels that such a heinous animal doesn’t deserve to be put down. Bonnett IS an animal. He had time to think about what he was doing. He chose to follow through with what he did, and Archie just doesn’t seem to be able to get it. I guess it’s a case of cognitive dissonance that Archie can’t see that Bonnett should be taken out of society, completely.

  • Jimmyc

    Pennsylvania is a joke any more, ya murder people… One or a hundred…it don’t matter,, ya just get locked up! That’s all, that’s it… Seriously, the only consequences in cold blooded murder in pa,, is jail, ridiculously pathetic!!

    • Think Positive

      You said it! What a sad shame. Those 3 boys….they deserved a good life. They didn’t even get a mediocre life. They got murdered.

  • Sad Times

    Another moocher for life off of us taxpayers ! 3 squares a day, ping pong earn GED, maybe even a Minister Degree in the slammer, tv lift weights. you name it !

  • jim

    Hope they sentence him to some hard labor….Rise and shine put in a goods day work and hit the hay…get up and do it again day in and day out …year in year out

  • God's Left Fist

    Good call. No sense in wasting even more taxpayer dollars on countless appeals. It’s not like the death penalty would be enforced anyway. It clearly hasn’t been a deterrent to crimes like this.

    If citizens just want to watch this guys like this die then they should move to the Middle East. No due process there and plenty of the kind of eye-for-an-eye Sharia Law NEPA craves.

    • Bracka

      This is where a conservative excels, common sense to know you wont deter crime with a weak wristed slap, cut the endless appeals to bring quick sentencing and make hard labor prisons for the repeaters that refuse to live a law abiding life, not talking sharia just good common sense

    • Think Positive

      Maybe it would be a deterrent if it were actually put into effect. How CAN it be a deterrent when it isn’t even used?

  • Bill K.

    Should be the opposite, actually. The automatic punishment for any planned crime that results in death should be death of the convicted perpetrator. The DA should have to op out and make an extremely strong case as to why.

  • warningfakenews

    Interesting. The story itself doesn’t name exactly who decided this. Apparently, NW16 isn’t all that curious.

  • Puerto Rico is better than PA

    The DA Stefanie Salavantis is not seeking the death penalty for 2 reasons.

    1. She is a lazy woman and can’t expect much from a woman

    2. Stefanie Salavantis loves the BBC

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