Crews Battle Flames, Subzero Wind Chills in Schuylkill County

PALO ALTO -- Crews battled flames and subzero wind chills in Schuylkill County.

This house on West Bacon Street in Palo Alto went up in flames just after 1 a.m. on Friday.

The homeowner tells Newswatch the tenants just moved out so no one lived there.

"It was a big glow. It was like the houses were blowing over. I just thought, I can't believe it and on the coldest day of the year," said homeowner John Vandermeer.

The fire marshal is on the way to look into how the fire near Pottsville got started.

The chief says the freezing weather made things more dangerous for firefighters.

"It's very icy conditions on the roads and stuff from the water and the jackets just freeze up when the water hits it, it's very cold," said Palo Alto Fire Chief Bill Buckingham.

West Bacon Street will be closed until crews can clean up the slippery mess left behind after the fight here in Schuylkill County.


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