Cold Weather Car Troubles in Luzerne County

KINGSTON -- Cold weather can mean car troubles and auto parts stores in our area are dealing with a flood of demand for car batteries.

The sound of their car starting is what a lot of people wanted to hear when this morning. Unfortunately, some turned the key and, "I could just hear it 'rrrrrrrr."'

The cold weather killed one man's battery. He was at Cee Kay's in Kingston to get a new one.

John from Plymouth did not want to give his last name.

"Metal doesn't like cold weather. It brakes and here we are."

And John isn't the only one. Batteries at Cee Kay's have been flying off the shelves.

"Demand had been batteries, batteries, batteries. We're selling batteries like crazy," said manager Christopher Lockavich.

Down the street at T & F Tire, supply customers came in after hearing the typical warning sign.

"Oftentimes you get a slow crank so you go out to start the car and it's a 'rrrr' type sound that's a sign that your battery is on the verge of failing," explained owner Thomas Tranguch.

Tranguch tells us car battery sales have actually doubled in this cold weather. Typically they sell about 20 car batteries a month, now they're selling 40.

"A little like you, the batteries have a chemical process so when it's cold those protons don't want to move very quickly so that slows them down."

Meanwhile, Falzone Towing Service in Wilkes-Barre had crews out all over Luzerne County to help people who were stranded.

"Our guys they come in and they're on the road the entire shift. We see them eight to nine hours later," said owner Paul Falzone.


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