Space Heaters Flying Off the Shelves in Tamaqua

TAMAQUA -- At M&S Hardware store in Tamaqua, There are a few holes in the aisle where the space heaters sit.

"Heater sales have been brisk," M&S Hardware Store Vice President Todd Miller said. "As you can see behind us, we still have a nice array of heaters ranging from electric and we also sell kerosene."

Miller said he's not worried about running out.

"We've been able to keep them in supply due to our twice a week orders from a distribution center in Montgomery, NY," Miller said.

Miller said it's not just a lot of space heaters that he sells this time of year he says some of the 'hottest' items that he sells are heated jackets and heated socks. The store also has lots of shovels, ice melt, pipe insulation and other winter weather necessities in stock.
on top of all the items the store sells, they also have been busy fixing snow blowers and heaters since its started to get cold.

"Yeah we do a lot of torpedo heaters," store employee Shane Hacker said. "This week, I think we did about five or six all within about three days."

Miller said since his family has owned the store, winter is usually one of the busiest times.

"It's either feast or famine," Miller said. "Depending on what the weather is. Right now with the cold, has been feast."

If you still need to pick up a heater or any other items, M&S Hardware is open every day except Sundays.