Road Conditions Tough To Treat

MCADOO -- In Schuylkill County on Thursday, PennDOT crews were out in full force trying to plow the snow-covered roads.

On Route 309 in McAdoo, there was enough snow to make drivers slow down during their commute.

"It's not too bad really. As long as you pay attention and you understand. Know your limits, I would say," said Joey Puglio.

"We have all the department trucks out. We have 40 department trucks," said PennDOT official Kevin Kull.

Newswatch 16 stopped in at the PennDOT depot near McAdoo. Workers there said the snow was much worse than they were expecting.

"The more west you go in Schuylkill County, the snow is definitely lighter. Eastern part of the county is much heavier," Kull said.

The plows are out on the road but the biggest thing PennDOT is worried about is the wind.

The assistant county manager for PennDOT in Schuylkill County says his crews were prepared for the weather and hope that drivers remember to be safe on the roads.

Even when the snow stops falling the wind will keep blowing it across the road, and treatments on the roads don't work as well when it gets this cold.

"Just be cautious. you know, yield to our vehicles. Let us do our jobs. A lot of times people are trying to pass the trucks especially on (Interstate) 81," Kull added.

Joey Puglio of Hazle Township believes many of the people who are out on the roads should be used to this type of weather.

"I mean, we live in PA, so we get pretty bad winters you should be accustomed to it by now if you're from here. But, yeah, this is what you have to look forward to in the wintertime for northeast PA."

PennDOT crews say they will stay on the roads as long as necessary to make sure they are clear for drivers through the night, but stress the slick conditions could continue with it this cold and windy.

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  • les

    It’s always an excuse for PennDOT. These worker bees should spend their ‘training years’ in Maine or upstate NY.
    Maybe then they’ll learn how to clear snow.

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