Two In Custody in Monroe County Shooting

CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP -- State police have two people locked up in connection with an attempted homicide in Monroe County.

Troopers charged Apheraddyttie Henneborn, 31, of Chestnuthill Township, as an accomplice in the shooting of Harry Read, although they have not said what her role was in the attack.

Police have also arrested Aquiles Conde-Shenery, who is accused of shooting Read after the two argued outside Read's home near Effort Tuesday night.


  • Sam

    Cast the first stone to all you people making your stupid remarks! If you haven’t walked in her shoes then don’t judge her ! I feel so sorry for her children!

    • E

      Ha ha ha! So when did you get out of rehab and start spouting that typical bulls*it? “Judge not lest ye be judged” haha ha ha! Your phrasing makes it obvious you’re an alcoholic/junkie.

    • jim

      Makes me wonder how long her rap sheet is? Probation wasn’t a deterrent.
      Maybe we should be sentencing youth to some kind of work related punishment, and then they may make some better decisions, and not get to this point, and become a burden on the tax payers.

  • Robert

    Awesome name! Her parents set her up for failure! Seems to be nothing more than a spelling failure on Aphrodite, but mom was on crack during birth I guess. Or she stuttered?

    • amy

      her real name Apheraddyttie Ezzmerralda Hennenborn. n she is exactly where she belongs (n hopefully this time she doesn’t weasel her way out of this like always) she has 5 beautiful, wonderful children that she puts every man infront of!! I’m sorry for the children that their mother is where she is but at least they don’t have to stand there n watch every1 come b4 them or their mothers downward spiral over drugs!!

      • Robert

        They are all sad stories. If I seem unsympathetic it is mostly because I/you/we end up paying for irresponsibility of individuals and elected persons that generate feel good policies that are vote oriented and solve nothing. Unfortunately there is no end in sight. The authorities just shut down a pill mill doctor, who for whatever reasons handed out opiates to whoever could pay. Now instead of a 15 dollar copay, its going to be 15 a pill and as they transition from functional addict to non functional ending up jobless stealing for their fix. Family first but eventually from others. Jails fill up and we pay for that again. Enough for me. And I 100 percent agree about the children. They need help or they will end up the same way furthering our taxed out attitude. I am involved with children of broken families and have had custody of several. But, its still so dam frustrating.

  • Psychos everywhere

    I love the smirk on her face…is it that she just don’t care or is she crapping her pants!
    So many losers here!

  • WD-40

    Good lord. Aren’t there any Mary’s anymore? Any Susan’s? Also, pretty sure it’s “Aphrodite,” not that abomination mentioned in the article.

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