Northern Tier Temperatures Expected To Drop Into The Negative 20’s With Wind Chill

FOREST CITY -- The bitterly cold weather has temperatures plummeting into subzero numbers.

The northern tier is seeing some of the lowest numbers in our area.

The wind whipped across a park in Forest City as the freshly fallen snow transformed the field into an arctic tundra.

Across the borough folks braved the bitter cold to shovel out before the sun dropped, taking temperatures down with it.

Herold Clemo and his plow were out being Good Samaritans.

“These two people are my neighbors, this man's older than me, this lady's disabled, so I do it for them,” said Clemo.

“It's real windy, that's what makes it the worst is the wind, it's not bad if the wind's not blowing,” said Jay Nirepko.

Forest City and the rest of the northern tier are expected to see wind chills of 20 below.

Brothers Angel and Jason Morgan say school was canceled.

“It was canceled because they said the roads were really dangerous if you drove on them because they were full of snow and snow was blowing everywhere this morning,” said Angel.

Still, for Ros-Al Floral and Events, flower deliveries weren't stopping.

“I've been over to Waymart, I’ve been little bit as far as South Canaan, Carbondale,” said delivery driver Christopher Glinton.

And the morning commute is expected to be equally brutal, folks aren't looking forward to the morning freeze.

“What I worry about is my grandchildren and my wife and my daughter getting to work and everything,” said John Terpak.

“Bundle up, stay warm hopefully, not be outside, supposed to be as cold as they say it is it`s going to be bad,” said Nirepko.

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