Man Charged After Allegedly Selling Cocaine in Lackawanna County

CARBONDALE -- A Lackawanna County man has been arrested for selling cocaine out of his home in Carbondale.

Police say Kevin Bowan, 28, allegedly sold the drugs at his place on Fallbrook Street.

Bowan has been charged with possession with intent to deliver and other related charges in Lackawanna County.


  • Marius Pudzianowski

    If they impound his Harley and his pit bull, then put them up for auction, I’ll take the Harley.
    The only possible way of selling drugs, not getting arrested, and setting yourself up for the future a bit is, set a dollar amount, sell that much, quit, and hide your money until you really need it. Harley’s sell for the price of some cars. And all the sports jerseys, a hundred or a buck fifty each. This guy has no brains for business.

  • Popper Offer

    We live and learn. He didn’t molest anyone. Hopefully he will learn from his mistake and move forward!

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