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Four Kmart Stores in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania to Close by April

Our area will lose four more Kmart’s by early April.

The company announced on Thursday that 64 Kmart stores and 39 Sears stores will be closing between early March and early April nationwide.

Kmart stores in Hazle Township, Texas Township near Honesdale, Sayre and Pittston Township are among them.

According to the company, our area will not be losing any Sears department stores in these closures.


  • longgreysocks

    the hazle township is gonna really affect us frackville fashionistas. Kmart is the best place for navy blue jogging pants and long grey or black socks. some real good looking chaps roaming around these parts and this closure is gonna hurt sex appeal.

  • mopar driver

    Sad when Sears (kmart owned) sold out craftsman , It was the death bell , no one sells their only hope to survive ( sellout mgmt) . Sad when Walmart has the market cornered on shoddy clothes (nasty/ thin ) and shoes (fall apart immediately) that a good market just folds that could’ve rose anew with the right leadership. .

  • Sad

    I for one, will be very sad if the Pittston Kmart closes its doors. I often find things there that Walmart doesn’t carry or isn’t as nice, especially their clothing items and bedding. Sometimes they are a bit more expensive than Walmart, but having the alternative to shop there is nice.

  • Kyriel West

    I worked at a K Mart for 5 years, ending as an assistant manager. Lost my job when the company went bankrupt. If it wasn’t for the merger with Sears, K Mart would have been gone about 15 years ago! Former CEO spent too much money supporting 3 racing teams and golf tournaments and not paying suppliers.

  • 🤔

    I worked for Kmart from ’91-’98 and it used to be a good place to work for. Once they merged with Sears, that’s when it went down hill. They quit giving raises and took away employee discounts. They even got rid of people cuz they said ” their position didn’t exist” anymore. It’s awful. Art in honesdale has been here for over forty yrs and it’s sad to see it go. They used to be a good company. I hope they put something else over here. There’s not many options for shopping now that it’s leaving.

  • D Trump

    Well sears is the reason. They ran the kmarts into the ground just like their own overpriced crap! Good riddance!

  • Lillian

    It Is interesting that the malls put the local mom and pop stores out of business. Now there is a need for the local mom and pop stores to come back to the downtown areas.

  • witchesdragon333

    it is only a matter of time, before the one in Allentown bites the dust.. been there 40 or so years.. it is a staple of the community.. but alot of the time now it is empty.. it is a bus stop on a major route.. I used to love their auto center.. but that is not here no more.. last year.. i had to rescue two tropical plants.. because were almost dead.. the reason i did it was because all the other cacti were brown and completely dead yet they were asking for a discount?! only kmart kills plants.. there should be a law or something.. perhaps Kmart needs to re invent itself.. instead of putting money into a dead investment.. walmart did.. kmart can too.. radioshack is working on it.. not sure they are doing so well though.. footlocker.. forget it.. they want their brick-an-mortar if it kills them.. and it will.. kmart .. just needs to reinvent and it will be fine.. dont close my kmart. i love the fashions and the garden shop..

  • OzzySister (@ozzysister)

    Shame the one in Honesdale is closing. Their clothing is pretty decent compared to Walmart. But there was hardly any customers. Also didn’t have many workers around to help the few customers that did venture in. Where are we going to get cheap pizza from now? I will miss the store.

    • witchesdragon333

      I agree, there is hardly any customers in my local kmart, but as an entrepreneur i know why. First off the permit music rap music of all things to blast through the store..this is not customer friendly.. made me almost loose my stomach contents and it made me so distracted from shopping .. i left the store completely.. and the aisles are a mess.. there is no housekeeping to speak of.. and the plants that are sale?.. who willl buy a dead cactus ? I saved two tropical plants this last fall.. cause they needed it.. and happy say they are doing very well.. but kmart can do better than this.. a little bit of pride in their workers and pride in what they do works great.. its called Customer Service.. kmart i think has lost this.. they are too focused on the bottom line of “money” to see what it is the customer wants or needs.. KMART HAS LOST THEIR CORE BASE TO WALMART AND AMAZON.. THE QUESTION? WHY.. RE-EVALUATE AND COME BACK.. IT IS NOT PROFITS YOUR LOOSING.. IT’S YOUR CUSTOMERS.. BETTER SERVICE.. BETTER VALUE.. BETTER NEEDS FULFILLED FOR THE CUSTOMER.. WHO ARE THEIR CUSTOMER? WHAT ARE THEIR CUSTOMERS NEEDS.. NOT THE CORPORATE NEEDS NOW.. THE CUSTOMER.. THAT MEANS YOU AND ME.. what do WE want.. What are OUR needs..?

  • Just Saying...

    Good riddance to Kmart – a store filled with inferior garbage. Honesdale needs a decent department store – something like Target or how about a real supermarket like ShopRite? Such a shame that there is very little to choose in the way of stores in that town. Don’t tell me Weis is in that mall….I’ve bought produce home from there that was rotten and I didn’t see it because it was wrapped and another product that was outdated. Need to up the quality of stores and their goods.

    • Mq

      Target too pricy….a sweater thick and earm at kmart 14.99 similar thinner not as nice at Target 34.99……..and shop rite is ok if you are just getting sale items…

    • 🤔

      Keep in mind, Honesdale used to be a quiet small town. Now, they’re trying to make it like it is in the valley. It’s never going to work over here. Not enough people around here. Plus, once Walmart opened over here that contributed to Kmart’s demise. One stop shopping and better prices on merchandise.

  • Jules G

    Kmart in my local mall closed about 2 years ago, so I started going to the one in Hazleton and it’s only about 20 miles. Now that’s closing..

    • witchesdragon333

      I dont believe its liberalism that is causing their demise.. their demise is being caused by their own hand in not understanding their customers..they are still in the mindset that “if you advertise good prices, they will come”.. well not they wont.. we live in a world where sht is changing.. it is going online, it is going digital.. kmart is not keeping up.. this only means they do not know their customers.. because they are not introducing new lines of fashion, new color, new characters.. they are not going online to advertize what is new in their stores like walmart has done.. walmart does get it wrong at times granted.. but they are thriving.. but why is kmart dying .. ? .. the number one answer is “customer service” .. the second is” knowing the customer”.. because if everyone remembers kmart was bought out by sears.. and what does sears know? appliances.. knows nothing about clothing, food or the like.. and that means it does does not know the current trends of the retail customers.. this is why kmart is failing .. not liberalism..

      • warningfakenews

        That liberals are in denial on this? That’s a bonus. This is what creates opportunity for companies that embrace American values like freedom of religion.

      • 🤔

        I think the main reason Kmart is dying is the merger with Sears. Once Sears took over, Kmart quit selling alot of the stuff they used to have. That was out of their control. Even their clothing went down hill. They used to have decent clothes. For yrs it’s been crap. It’s sad to see the store go.

    • Taz

      It’s the ult-right agenda. Higher profits for the top 10%rs. Taking out the working middle class. Publicants inherited a thriving economy and are tearing it down.

    • typical wnep commenter

      Is there something wrong with you? I find liberalism as unappealing as the next guy, but you can’t attribute every problem to liberalism. Not only do you sound dumb, but you actually weaken the cause to end liberal craziness.

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