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Butter Sculpture Unveiled before Pennsylvania Farm Show

HARRISBURG -- A tradition continued Thursday as state officials unveiled the butter sculpture at the Pennsylvania Farm Show complex in Harrisburg.

The sculpture depicting the diversity of Pennsylvania agriculture — specifically careers and roles that support the dairy industry — is carved from a half-ton of butter.

The sculpture, sponsored by American Dairy Association North East (ADANE), features renderings of a dairy cow and dairy farmer; an agronomist who helps seed become the corn farmers provide to their dairy cows; a milk processor who tests, processes and delivers dairy products to retailers; and a consumer with a basket full of Pennsylvania products.

Farm show official said the butter for the sculpture came from waste scrap butter not suitable for human consumption.

The butter sculpture is on display in the Farm Show’s Main Hall. Following the Farm Show, the butter will be moved to the Reinford Farm in Juniata County to be converted into renewable energy in the farm’s methane digester.

The 102nd Pennsylvania Farm Show runs from January 6 to January 13 at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg. Admission is free and parking is $15 in Farm Show lots.

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  • Writer Girl

    Always loved the butter sculpture and other things at the farm show. On TV, I saw a sign that read “Diversity at the farm show.” What does that mean? Black cows and brown cows? Different breeds of sheep? Sometimes I thing this diversity and political correctness, has definitely gone too far.

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