State Police Investigate Possible Eavesdropping at Barracks

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NEW MILFORD TOWNSHIP -- Newswatch 16 has learned state police in Susquehanna County have been investigating a possible case of eavesdropping on their own barracks.

The man they've been investigating was one of the lead network techs at the phone company until recently.

At the Gibson state police barracks in Susquehanna County, all kinds of calls come in and out, and many of the phone conversations relate to active criminal investigations.

Back in September, troopers were investigating an alleged assault at Nathan Grover's home near New Milford. That's when someone told them Grover, 28, a self-proclaimed hacker, was eavesdropping on state police.

Troopers looked into the claims and with a warrant, went into Grover's home and his car at the NEP Telephone equipment building in Pleasant Mount, Wayne County.

According to court papers, investigators took a laptop, phones, and illegal drugs.

Troopers then came to NEP Telephone in Forest City and learned that Grover was one of five employees who had access to the technology that provides phone and internet to homes and businesses.

Officials at NEP Telephone wouldn't comment on camera, but they said they're confident Grover wasn't able to tap those confidential informant phone lines at PSP Gibson. They did, however, say something several months ago happened leading to Grover's firing.

State police tell Newswatch 16 they recently learned their information at the Gibson barracks was not, in fact, compromised. But there is still very much an open and active investigation into Grover.

There are questions over two suspicious "trouble tickets" found during NEP's internal investigation. One was a request that didn't come from troopers that could essentially route a phone call made to state police anywhere.

Another was trouble on a phone line registered to a man near Nicholson that somehow was connected to the Gibson barracks account.

State police say are still investigating but have not found any evidence that information involving cases at the Gibson barracks were compromised.

Grover has not been an employee at NEP Telephone for months.


  • P

    This search and seizure warrant was executed on September 22 2017, the same day NEP terminated him. Don’t see a victim here, or an arrest. Drugs were not found and listed on the Susquehanna county search warrant. I wonder what he did to deserve this

  • Common Sense.

    Excellent!!!!!! NEP Telephone….keep looking, it will get VERY interesting. I’m sure the PSP already know about “Andy” from past encounters……..keep looking.

    • Common Sense.

      …and, I quote from the story, “his car at the NEP Telephone equipment building”……BUT, he hasn’t worked there for months…….somebodies is a liar.

    • Just saying

      If you are talking about Andy Grover – He hasn’t lived in New Milford or Pa in over 25 years. He doesn’t even have so much as a speeding ticket in PA. He left the area because he could not stand gossipping keyboard warriors like you. He also hated the frigid weather and lack of anything to do.

  • John Williams

    Good Surveillance- 11 million dollars and the can’t catch Eric Frien. The US Marshalls did. then they run him in with a PSP Cruiser and they all celebrate with a party at the taxpayers expense in “brothers before others” tee shirts! What the he!! were they celebrating?????

    • Why Don’t You Join

      Still obsessed about that loser cop killer? It’s too bad a bright guy like you isn’t a trooper. You’d be running the PSP by now! I guess you’ll have to stick to being an Internet Detective?

    • Wastes of money

      The pa state police probably waste more money than any other state agency. In general, it comes down to this entitled mindset of PSP culture. They think they’re above anyone who is not a cop when the majority of these guys are very lazy, immature, and lacking common sense. They’ve become weak little brats. Tons of problems in the pa state police. Investigate the state police!

      • Why Don’t You Join

        How about some evidence to back your claim? With all of those problems you should have hundreds of examples. Or is it that you’re just a punk with no purpose in life?
        But seriously, someone as brilliant and well informed, such as yourself really needs to become a trooper. You probably won’t even have to go to the academy! Just show up and pick up your gear.

  • Johnny law

    Haha incompetent state police. They always need a tip or have someone flat out do their work for them. Pathetic bunch

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