Police: Father Shot 8-Year-Old Son

ORWIGSBURG -- A father is facing charges after police say he shot his 8-year-old son.

That shooting happened just before noon Tuesday in Orwigsburg, Schuylkill County.

The father claims it was an accident.

Police tell Newswatch 16 the 8-year-old victim is in the hospital in stable condition.

That shooting happened at the family's home near downtown Orwigsburg.

Orwigsburg police have charged the victim's father, Nevin Ebener.

Police say Ebener, 30, told them he and his son were "horsing around" before the shooting.

Ebener told police his son asked him to show him his gun. Police say the father took his gun out and left it on the kitchen counter while he turned away to make coffee.

Officers say the shooting happened as the father picked up the gun again.

Police say he told them the gun, "just went off."

The son was shot in the left elbow breaking his left arm, pelvis, and causing other internal injuries.

Police are not releasing the child's name, but he is in stable condition in the hospital at this time.

Ebener is in jail on multiple assault charges.

"It makes you feel down, big time," said Marvin Reichert of Orwigsburg.

"I'm very surprised because this is a very small, quiet town. There's never really any drama that goes on that we hear about," said Jessica Renninger.

The family lives a couple doors down from Shakey's Gun Shop. The owner tells Newswatch 16 he's never sold Ebener a gun. He feels for the family after this tragedy and wants other families to understand the importance of proper firearms training.

"I would assume it's a lack of firearm safety training," owner Joshua Shamonsky said. "You shouldn't leave firearms out around children. You should have them somewhat secured, either on your person or inside of safe or something like that, that you have control over it."

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