Police: Father Shot 8-Year-Old Son

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ORWIGSBURG -- A father is facing charges after police say he shot his 8-year-old son.

That shooting happened just before noon Tuesday in Orwigsburg, Schuylkill County.

The father claims it was an accident.

Police tell Newswatch 16 the 8-year-old victim is in the hospital in stable condition.

That shooting happened at the family's home near downtown Orwigsburg.

Orwigsburg police have charged the victim's father, Nevin Ebener.

Police say Ebener, 30, told them he and his son were "horsing around" before the shooting.

Ebener told police his son asked him to show him his gun. Police say the father took his gun out and left it on the kitchen counter while he turned away to make coffee.

Officers say the shooting happened as the father picked up the gun again.

Police say he told them the gun, "just went off."

The son was shot in the left elbow breaking his left arm, pelvis, and causing other internal injuries.

Police are not releasing the child's name, but he is in stable condition in the hospital at this time.

Ebener is in jail on multiple assault charges.

"It makes you feel down, big time," said Marvin Reichert of Orwigsburg.

"I'm very surprised because this is a very small, quiet town. There's never really any drama that goes on that we hear about," said Jessica Renninger.

The family lives a couple doors down from Shakey's Gun Shop. The owner tells Newswatch 16 he's never sold Ebener a gun. He feels for the family after this tragedy and wants other families to understand the importance of proper firearms training.

"I would assume it's a lack of firearm safety training," owner Joshua Shamonsky said. "You shouldn't leave firearms out around children. You should have them somewhat secured, either on your person or inside of safe or something like that, that you have control over it."


  • NRA

    People who keep guns in the home are three times more likely to be shot.

    But we don’t want you to know that so we’re gonna lobby against research on gun violence, kinda like the tobacco companies did when they lobbied against researching the dangers of smoking.


  • Bobba Fett

    And yet, the PA State Trooper who shot his wife and killed is unborn son “accidentally” a few years ago while cleaning his handgun was not charged, because it was deemed “an accident”! Different rules for different people!

    • SMDH

      Ummmm….and you can tell this how Bobba? Do you have more information on this case and this guy, Ebener? Was he drinking? Were there other circumstances? Do you know exactly what charges he is facing? Of course with WNEP’s crack reporting team we have all of the details (shaking my damned head) or do you just fill in the blanks and make up your own scenario to support your anti-cop, “different rules”, “us vs them” bias?

    • NRA

      Same rules, different circumstances, but we don’t expect you to appreciate the difference.

      Just make sure you pay those membership dues!

  • monsters among us

    What an ugly low life loser! PLEASE tell me he’s NOT going to be let back into this kid’s life! I hope his mother keeps this knuckle-dragger far away from her son!!

  • Writer Girl

    Not too bright leaving a gun laying anywhere, when you know there’s children around. Guns aren’t things to fool around with.

  • jack u

    INNOCENT ..NO CRIME …JUST AN ACCIDENT. but sounds like fake news…look it up. press can lie to public.

      • Wayne s

        Writer girl, Just look at some of the recent wedding pictures there. People look 10 years older then they are ,many overweight and many look defeated. There’s some proof in your pudding !!!!!

      • Palermo

        Have you never been to da skooky or do you live there and are too close to notice? Sorry for you if you live there, get help now!

    • Maroon

      They’re very awkward folks. Underdeveloped so they really have trouble with sexy time. Hence all the molestation in the area

  • laura

    i have owned lots of guns of many different makers over the years and have rarely locked them and never once has 1 “just gone off”. you can’t just touch the trigger and they fire. it takes a good amount of pressure on the trigger to make them fire intentionally. i’ve carried them on my body, in my purse and in the glove compartment of my vehicles. i’ve also dropped them on occasion and never once did they fire.

    • Sad Times

      I disagree with you, my Glock does not have a safety, and kind of a sensitive hair trigger, so if it was chambered, just a little bit of pull and BANG ! I think it was an accident myself, but each is entitled to their own view

      • They Don’t Just Go Off

        It wasn’t an accident! Sheer negligence caused it to fire. He squeezed the trigger or else it wouldn’t just “go off.”
        Any competent gun owner knows that a gun doesn’t discharge by itself.
        Hopefully a prison term then a ban from owning or possessing a firearm is in his future.

    • SMH

      So you just admitted to being an irresponsible gun owner. I believe everyone does have a right to own a gun, part of being american. But you HAVE to learn to store and handle your firearms safely! This is why we need stronger gun laws! Who’s to say a neighbor couldn’t break in,steal your weapon ?

  • Bill K.

    With a “father” like that the child has a 50/50 shot of becoming a regular on WNEP news. And not as on-camera talent.

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