Police Department Hires First Female Officer in Over 50 Years

OLD LYCOMING TOWNSHIP -- Founded over 50 years ago, Old Lycoming Township's police headquarters has grown into a full-time department since the 1960s, but the organization has never had a female police officer until now.

"It's pretty exciting. I'm excited. I don't feel much different from the guys. I feel like one of the guys, but it is different being a female. You can tell people are like, 'Whoa, that's the new girl,'" said Officer Shyann McKivison.

She may not realize it, but the 21 year old is jumping hurdles as she jumps into the driver's seat of her police vehicle.

"In the 1970s, there was like one or two percent of females in law enforcement. It's increased to like 13 to 15 percent," said Chief Joseph Hope.

Originally from Jersey Shore and still in college, Officer McKivison started part-time in Old Lycoming Township a few weeks ago. She's the department's first female officer.

"You get to talk to people all day, and you get to help people. I don't understand why females wouldn't want to do it," said Officer McKivison.

We asked Old Lycoming Township Chief Joseph Hope that same question. He says his department has never had a woman officer before because no woman one has ever applied before.

"She's been our first female to test for the job. She passed it with flying colors," said Chief Hope.

"I think it's wonderful because she may be able to relate to women and she may be able to talk to them easier than a woman talking to a male cop," said Carole Hicks.

"I think anybody that has the determination that has the drive and determination that she does and the integrity, I feel they should have the chance and would be a good officer," said Chief Hope.

Two male officers were recently hired along with Officer McKivison in Old Lycoming Township.


  • Eric Wport

    Hopefully I am wrong but it will also be Old Lycoming Townships first sexual harassment complaint, first sexual harassment lawsuit and first sexual harassment settlement. Its OK tax payers have deep pockets

  • JP

    I’d like to see anyone of you try to take down a female cop. Don’t underestimate their capabilities. Good luck to all females that choose to enter law enforcement.

    • Earl Simmons

      A man with a gun and a woman with a gun are equals. Guns equal equality! Women tend to be less barbaric thou, so theres that. Good luck to her tho

  • True blue

    In my opinion, this is a bad idea. I believe all law enforcement officers should be men. Despite their training, women are not able to perform the physical duties which may be required during bar brawls, takedowns, domestics etc. If you disagree with my post, you must ask yourself how many times during raids, assault calls, etc., the female is ALWAYS the last one in the line. Female cops are putting good cop’s lives at risk. This is one occupation where political correctness needs to take a backseat!

    • Robert

      Women bring a different skill set to the table. Domestic disputes seem to end better when initial contact is by a female officer. They are also very skilled at deescalating by nature. Leadership is using your employees to their strengths not exploit their weaknesses. Any force should benefit from SKILLED officers of diverse backgrounds.

    • Think Positive

      I certainly admire her fortitude and bravery. But I can’t picture this officer tackling and hand-cuffing a dangerous and/or psychotic criminal. I wish her the very best of luck in her new job. It’s just too bad there are so many bad guys out there.

    • Sargeant Stadenko

      You are an uneducated misogynist. I’ll bet you a quarter that you’re from Pittston an still live with your mother.

    • You Need Help

      I agree! In the kitchen and pregnant, right? What a ridiculous comment! Admit it, the real issue is that you’re jealous that you’ll never be able to do what she does? Most of the ridiculous cellar dweller comments come from people like that. You’re one of them.

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