Man Accused of Attempted Homicide in Pocono Shooting

CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP — A man is charged with attempted homicide after a shooting in Monroe County.

State police say Aquiles Conde-Shenery, 32, of Hazleton, shot Harry Read, 39, of Chestnuthill Township, Tuesday night after the two got into an argument outside Read’s home.

Troopers tell us Read was shot in his abdomen, but is expected to recover.

There is an active warrant for the arrest of Conde-Shenery. Anyone with knowledge of his whereabouts is asked to contact state police at Fern Ridge at 570-646-2271.


  • learn something. anything.

    Woehrle et al: Get informed. It is not likely he is not eligible for DACA given his age. Second, there is no information about his heritage or background — not that it matters: If he’s guilty, he’s trash — just like the WHITE murderers, rapists, child molesters that fill this site. Finally, your racist comments/POV do nothing positive for this country or region — on the contrary. Patriotism means more than just waving a flag — it means working to find solutions rather than inflaming them. You and your ilk overlook the insidious and horrific crimes by Caucasians that fill this site everyday. White crime — no matter how disgusting– to you is just some good ol’ boy having a bad day. It doesn’t enter your mind to condemn white people as a whole. You put on blinders and declare indirectly the only crime in NEPA is by what you euphemistically call “transplants.” The bottom line is that if you look at the FBI UCR data for NEPA, the ONLY crime rate that has increased in the last ten years is HATE crime. fact. For the good of this country and your own well-being, drop the abject hatred.

  • Bracka

    Put him in a chain gang to work the Pa roads, hard labor prison camps for repeat criminals & against the wall executions for 3 strikes

  • mopar driver

    Winner , So Is he still armed ? Is this a lover fight ? Love how this POS is protected by the press over the publics safety . Judge will let him bail out as soon as they catch him – ” He’s a good boy “

  • Hey, anybody come at you yet? I can be a friend to you.

    Well, he does have a Purdy mouth. I believe he’s going to get a chance to prove how tough he is without a Gun when the Warden put’s him downstairs with the sodomites. Ask Andy how that worked out for him?

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