Kenny Bianchi At Abington Heights Coming Up On Historic Milestone

This is Kenny Bianchi's 22nd year as the head coach of Abington Heights. Before that 5 years at West Scranton, and time as Scranton Tech, but it all started at Line Mountain.

"I coached at Line Mountain when I came back I didn't do anything for about 6 years. I took time off and when the opportunity came I didn't even know if I was going to coach again. I just wanted to get back into the area that I missed and I ended up where I am," said Kenny Bianchi.

Bianchi sits at 754 career wins chasing legendary Forest City coach Julius Prezelski who retired in 1993 with 757 wins.

"I think about a lesson that he taught me. I remember my firs job at Scranton Tech we we're in their tournament every year they would beat us and beat us and beat us and we finally beat them once and after that we went to a restaurant up there and it was always in my mind a piece of advice you know you have a good team keep it up but don't let this victory and this tournament be the highlight of your season this year in other words don't be complacent always improve and I've always followed that," again said Kenny.

Bianchi is four wins shy of getting to 758 and it won't be an easy haul here in the Lackawanna League you have to get through Valley View, Delaware Valley, Scranton Prep and come Friday January 12th beat West Scranton at Scranton High School to become District 2's all time winning-est coach.

"It's just the legacy in him and everything that he has taught and all the players that he has ever coached and everything that they've learned from him. He is a great coach and a great person and you can really learn a lot from him," said Jackson Danzig.

"What kind of comes to mind when you are talking about coach and thinking about coach? You know he is coming up on a lot. He has a lot of wins and he is coming up on a historical record and we are just trying to get it there for him and just pushing past it and keep playing for him," said George Tinsley.

Steve Lloyd reporting for Newswatch 16 sports from Lackawanna County.