Reward Offered After Dead Horses Dumped Along Road in Schuylkill County

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EAST UNION TOWNSHIP -- Investigators want to find out who dumped two dead horses along a road in Schuylkill County.

According to East Union Township police, the two dead horses were dumped on a rural road near Sheppton this week.

The horses were discovered under a tarp along Girard Manor Road. Police believe they were disposed of between 6 p.m. Monday and 11 a.m. Tuesday.

On the police department's Facebook page, officers call those responsible "…disgusting excuses for human beings."

"To see something like this where all hope is gone and it's, it's just, it's overwhelming sadness and just the cruelty,” said humane police officer Janine Choplick of Hillside SPCA.

Police and cruelty officers from Hillside SPCA in Schuylkill County are investigating the case.

"They were somebody's horses, you know? That's the killer,” said Choplick.

Investigators plan to send the horses for testing to figure out the exact cause of death, though they say it's clear the horses were malnourished.

"I was speechless, just sad, horrible,” said humane officer Maureen Graf.

Cruelty officers say a new state law that just went into effect protects horses from animal cruelty. Before, they say, doing something like starving and dumping horses would have meant just a fine. Now, they say the people responsible could face felony charges.

"Definitely a lot more hopeful that now we can get something done about it. If we find out whose horses they were, we could actually get them prosecuted,” said Graf.

"It's just the last act of despicableness that someone just throws their body on the side of the road, and there's two of them, so it's just horrendous,” said Choplick.

Anyone with any information is asked to call police at 570-384-5829.

The Hillside SPCA is offering a $500 reward for information leading to an arrest in this case.



  • the jeep man

    2 Dead horses on the side of the road and all you Assess can muster up is politics. Lets see how the animal laws work if and when they are caught. Makes me want to puke.

  • ozzycoop

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    • Waynes

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    • Bigdoer!

      What time do they serve brunch at the firehall? Bean soup and depression is always on the menu in Schuylkill county. Keep your hands to yourself at the youth basketball games this weekend Ozzy! Skookle dookle dumb!

    • Ross

      I drove through Schuylkill County the other day. It really was depressing and odd. Strange guys staring at passers by on the streets. Terribly decrepit row homes. Pot holes everywhere. Some guy in Frackville was cleaning up dog dirt with his bare hands. What is going on there?

      • Joe Crea

        At least he cleaned up hisdoggie doo…if you were in Scranton or Dunmore they wouldv’e left it there for someone to step in.
        There are Roamers everywhere Ross…..

      • BERRIOS

        iJoe, Id take dunmore any-day over Shenandoah, girardville and mahanoy city etc. you got to be delusional. overrated polish food in PA coal region as well. Chicago is where its at.

      • Joe Crea

        Chicago huh, murder and corruption capital of the USA….you sure got a sense of humour there Berrios.

        Yes, the Skook is a little downtrodden – but I’ve got a couple of words for you….Nanticoke, Pittston, Plymouth. We can go on…just apparently a higher class of Skook, dems W-B/Scrantoners

  • chunk

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    • Obamasupporter

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      • GTX

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  • Pig Parts

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  • Bracka

    Pino, the homeless do have options in this country, some dont want help. However domestic animals..horses too.. depend on us for every aspect of care..our country is about to undergo real progress with Trump, hang in there a little longer, your far left rant reveals you are the socialist/comunist,


      Oh yea I forgot screwing everyone’s rights with medical marijuana is all the rage right now huh? By the way Hillary lost and Russia still has that moral high ground. Something something black star Russia. Thats the scary thing about Communist today they have no idea what that word even means. wait and see. You guys are getting whats coming to you. Let me have my damn freedom pinko.

  • WTH?

    Let me get this straight. Someone starved their horses and took the time, effort, and energy to load them onto some sort of vehicle, truck them out, dump them along the roadside and THEN cover the dead animals with tarps?

    I wonder if these same people breed dogs and generate human offspring……….what a dreadful thought.

    • MadAsHell

      Makes no frigging sense. Why not call a rescue or horse haven or ask for help? So messed and so mean!

      • Nana

        They didn’t call because these officers are not real law enforcement and you can tell by the way she prejudges and talks she hsas no Officer precense. Is she really the person you would ask?

      • Bracka

        Nana, that comment makes no sense, real police are investigating, why not ask spca for help? would you let your animal starve because you have a beef with authority or mabye prior experience with having been reported for animal abuse


    very sick, i hope its not the homeless street roamers. but thats a far walk from the dollar store or the back alleys in frackville

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