Church Youth Group Leader Accused of Sending Sexual Messages, Naked Pictures to Teenage Church Member

JIM THORPE -- A man is facing child sex charges in Carbon County for allegedly sending inappropriate messages to a 14-year-old girl.

Kenneth Mays, 29, of Albrightsville was arraigned Wednesday afternoon in Jim Thorpe.

Mays said only, “No comment,” when asked about the charges filed against him as he was led away from his arraignment.

Mays faces child sex charges. He's accused of inappropriately touching a 14-year-old girl in August 2016 then sending her sexual messages and naked pictures of himself for roughly a year.

“I'm just at a loss for words. I feel betrayed,” said the girl’s mother when speaking about what Mays had reportedly done.

She says she found out about Mays' behavior just last month.

“She was having a conversation with one of her friends, and I heard him ask her, ‘When are you going to tell your mom?' and I said, ‘Tell me what?’" said her mother whose name is not being released to protect her daughter’s identity. “And then everybody got quiet, so I knew right away that it was something major.”

The girl's mother says her family knows Mays through the Full Gospel Tabernacle Bread of Life Church near Effort in Monroe County where Mays' father is the pastor.

“I'm devastated. I've been involved with this church for three years,” she said. “My little guys go to daycare. My daughter and little guys go Wednesday nights. They go Sundays. Most of their time is spent at church.”

According to court paperwork, Mays was at the girl's home sometime in August 2016. Police say he hugged her and touched her backside over her clothes. Then for the next year, Mays sent Snapchat messages saying he wanted to have sex with her, that he loved her, and that he wished she was older.

He also sent naked pictures of himself to the girl.

The girl's mother says she had no reason to be suspicious of Mays.

“He was the youth group leader, Sunday school leader. They have a van. They go pick up the kids from the houses. I work all the time so they would come to my house and pick my kids up and take them to church.”

Mays could not post bail, so he's locked up in Carbon County. His next scheduled court date is January 18.


  • Jimmyc

    Lol, glad the bum got caught! How disgusting! Enjoy prison!!! And did any one see him grinning about it on the news? Wow! Pos!

  • Honker

    This guy might end up in a cell with that dennis barker pedo roamer who followed a 9 yr old into her home while the parents were there! Wnep failed to report and inform us about this child predator. He worked around children at Knoebels. Sick roamer

  • JessicaInWilliamsport

    In this instance his color is an anomaly — just looking at religious cases of pedophilia/molestation the perps are overwhelmingly white.

  • Clarissa

    Full Gospel Tabernacle Bread of Life Church isn’t a real church. They’re breakaway churches, started by people who wanted to promote their own agenda. Now they’re called “Evangelical Christians”. Sadly, this type of behavior is all too common with these people.

    • JessicaInWilliamsport

      It’s all mythology anyway — people just currently accept this one as “truth” — “real” church or not, this happens far too much to children entrusted to clergy or other religious folks who are thought of as “above reproach”. Positions of power and trust are the ones that pedophiles tend to go for, makes it easier to prey on the weak and get away with it for long periods of time. Disgusting……

  • mopar driver

    Where better to prey on the innocent , and who allows a unattached male in charge of youth group morals , Apparently many of the ” flock” were aware — and in that lies the problem , What child keeps quiet when some creep sends a disgusting nude ? Need better Church communication .

  • Gerry Sandusky

    These actions are apparently NEPA’s biggest pasttime. But his real mistake is choice of target; boys are so much more pliable.

  • Markandchuck4life

    carbon county = schuylkill county on bad rye bread. Nothing but the oddest flat brain derelicts everywhere you look. Very confused about how to have sexual relations. These people have no idea how to act. Gooch gobblers

  • Nobody's Safe

    This just goes to show that people need to be diligent and wise, particularly when children have access to technological devices. Parents? Please think about this before you give your children access to cell phones, computers, etc. Really contemplate this because THIS alleged pervert used religion as his cloak of secrecy. Isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last.

      • jim

        Don’t forget sports coaches, teachers , and baby sitters etc.People wanted to make porn mainstream and now that these people are acting on it ….what did we expect

      • Marius Pudzianowski

        This is a reply to the guy who’s comment is below yours. He doesn’t have a reply button.

        Dear Sir. How can you blame porn for this. You make me sick. When they hit the market, I’ll buy one of the new robot women and send it to you so you can unrepress yourself a bit.

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