Why are People Outside in Pottsville?

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POTTSVILLE -- Newswatch 16 found people outside Tuesday despite the cold. Now that Christmas Day has passed and we are at the start of the new year, you'll find people like Kevin Corby outside.

"Taking down the Christmas lights," Corby said. "Day off, it's cold, but I've got to take them down."

Corby said he's using his day off to take his decorations down even though it is very cold because he doesn't want to have to do it when he gets off work.

"It's cold," Corby said. "Luckily the wind's not blowing that bad, but you're out for a little bit. Then get back in, get little warm and right back out."

He's not the only one Newswatch 16 found outside.

"It's like freezing," Susan Lamana of Pottsville said. "Yes. I'm in a hoodie. My (finger) tips are frozen off."

We caught up with Lamana as she was unloading her car. She just got back from visiting family at State College.

"Yeah," Lamana said. "I don't know anyone who wants to be outside."

Newswatch 16 spoke to people who chose to be out in the could, but what about those who have to be outside?

Postal workers and garbage collectors braved the elements working their usual routes.

"I feel for them," Lamana said. "Yeah, they gotta bundle up. No matter how bundled you can be, when the wind comes, it comes.">

Then there are the people who don't mind the frigid temps, like George Purcell.

"Stretching my legs," Purcell said. "Getting a little exercise. It's not too bad."

He is optimistic about the weather.

"I think it's getting warmer, actually," Purcell said.


  • Handy jack

    Roamers outside, millennials flocking in, grilled cheeses considered gourmet meals, and SEDCO leeching off tax payers. Pottsville sure is thriving!

  • Itchy

    Good news story. Wnep’s reporter must have graduated from Mar Lin’s Intermediate Unit. Lots of skooks like to roam the streets in search of their sexy time. Skooks are very underdeveloped socially and sexually. Hard time being comfortable unless they talk boilo or saying “butt”. Pottsville has a lot of big doings in the minds of the much less intelligent. Strange area lacking any respectable people

    • Joe Crea

      Speak for yourself itchy…..Lots of roamers in the W-B/Scranton area too. Pottsville x 12.
      We still have our Kielbassi though.


    Pottsville,street roamer heaven? but some people may be really wanting all you can eat grilled cheese downtown in pottsville. they got some grilled cheese recipes from a food bank in south philly i hear.

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