Staying Warm During the Cold Winter Months

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MONTOURSVILLE  -- When it’s this cold outside, one of the worst things that can happen inside is your heater not working.

That’s what happened to Sondra Stipack of Hughesville.

“When I got up this morning, the house was a little bit chilly and it was on the backup heat. The gas wasn’t turned on so it wasn’t working,” stated Stipack.

Stipack called Rex Minium of Comfort Zone Heating and Air Conditioning.

“When it’s real cold out, we don’t get a break. The weeks just kind of all slide together,” mentioned Minium.

Minium is an HVAC Technician out of Montoursville. He’s been working non-stop because of this cold weather, going from one place to the next, fixing people's heat.

“Heating service calls when it’s bitter cold out, you have to be Johnny on the Spot all the time,” Minium continued.

Minium told Newswatch 16 when it’s below freezing outside, the average insulated house can lose five degrees an hour.

“Equipment starts cycling more times an hour and when that happens, things tend to break,” stated Minium.

As for Sondra Stipack’s heat, it was a quick fix.

"I was most concerned about the pipes freezing, how cold is it going to get in here,” said Stipack.

Minium restarted the furnace and was on his way.

There are some things you can do to keep your equipment running properly. For example, if you have a heat pump, make sure to keep it clear of snow.

“When they’re in a big snow drift and they can’t get any air, the system won’t work correctly,” added Minium.

Also, make sure to keep vents clear of snow so they don’t get blocked.

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