‘Please Stay!’ – Emotional, Adorable Penn State Fan Goes Viral

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UPPER MACUNGIE TOWNSHIP -- Saquon Barkley was masterful in the Fiesta Bowl, rushing for 137 yards and two touchdowns in Penn State's 35-28 win over Washington.

On Sunday, the Nittany Lions junior running back out of Whitehall High School declared for the NFL Draft.

"I promised my mom when I was a little kid that I was going to buy her a house one day, and I'm going to stay true to that promise," Barkley said on ESPN Monday. "God blessed me with an opportunity to live my dream."

For one young Penn State fan from the Allentown area, the news of Barkley leaving Happy Valley was crushing.

5-year-old Gianna Evans pleaded for Barkley to stay at Penn State. Her mother Jenn captured it all on video and tweeted it on Monday. It has since gone viral, racking up over 800 retweets.

It even caught the attention of Penn State coach, James Franklin, offensive coordinator Ricky Rahne and Saquon Barkley himself.

"It just went on from there," Jenn Evans said. "It's still going, I'm still getting notifications that people are liking it and tweeting it. We're kind of in shock here."

Gianna's fandom for Barkley started a few years ago at a Blue-White game. She met him that day and immediately became hooked.

"He's the fastest player and the best player," Gianna said.

Gianna had a message for Saquon as he starts prepping for the NFL Draft.

"Great job and good luck," Gianna said.

Coach Franklin and Barkley even messaged Jenn about the video, which made Gianna's day.

"Her big blue eyes lit up and she had a big smile on her face, and she was just so happy."

Gianna is also upset that senior tight end, Mike Gesicki's time at Penn State is over. She says she hopes that he and Saquon end up playing on the same team in the NFL.


    • Early Learning

      This is pretty sad. A five year old child cannot know what the nuances of sports are, much less what a Heisman Trophy is.

      With the video going viral and the little girl seemingly begging someone that she doesn’t know to “stay” because she is young and darling, think about it: this is how girls learn to prostitute themselves in one form, or another.

      • Early Learning

        Equally revolting is that the claim is made that Gianna’s fandom began years ago. How in the name of all things sacred could an infant experience……………fandom?

      • Miss Information

        I had to laugh about the comment that the little girl is “upset” over where a tight end might be going. LMAO!!!!!!!! Like a kid that age knows what a tight end really is? Oh, she might know what it references when her mother is practicing her pole dancing routines, but sports? Not likely.

    • Bill K.

      So sad when you see beautiful young people drawn in by what’s perceived as the “glamorous” life of a thug. Her parents should have learned the 14 words, lived that life and passed it on to their children. Instead we’ll end up with even more declining morals.

      • :-(

        I detest when a parent(s) uses their child(ren) in a contrived manner to “go viral.”

        This is one of the darker sides of FB, YT, tweeting, and other social media apps. People use other people and contrive and stage scenarios for their own agendas, and they use kids to do it.

        Pretty narcissistic, I’d say.

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