Film on Drug Addiction and Recovery Shooting in Bradford County

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WYSOX -- A movie centered on drug addiction and redemption is being shot in Bradford County.

Actors shot scene after scene inside the Dandy Mini Mart in Wysox on Tuesday.

"Small Time" is an independent film that has been shooting in Bradford County for weeks. Director Naiv Conte says she picked this area because of the small town feeling.

"We needed some sort of beautiful woodsy area to go through, and it's interesting to use it now in winter. It's so different looking but just as picturesque," Conte said.

"Small Time" is part two of another film called "Joyride," both filmed in Bradford County.

"Joyride" was released more than a year ago and played at independent film festivals.

Both movies focus on the journey of Emma, a young girl finding her way in life despite her mother's addiction.

Audrey Marshall, age 9, is the lead actress. Her character Emma was staying with her grandfather in part one but lives with her mother in part two.

"She is kind of staying with a person that is her family. She doesn't spend that much time with her and she kind of discovers new things," said Marshall.

In the scene being filmed at Dandy's, Emma is spending time with her mother Jesse, who is recovering as she works at as a cashier. An old friend comes and tries to lead Jesse back down a dark path.

Dominique Johnson, who plays Jesse tells Newswatch 16 she wants people to see how drug use is impacting families.

"What I love about this film is everybody in their own way is trying. They might be failing horrifically, but there is a desire to do better and be better for others."

The filmmakers hope to finish filming "Small Time" in the summer and plan to release the film at indie film festivals next year.


  • warningfakenews

    On the subject of addictions, how appropriate the story’s picture feature a lottery vending machine.

  • III%

    Well a dandy mini mart is a good location considering the amount of drug deals that happen in the parking lots county wide not really hard to miss unless your a cop that usually parks at the front door or takes up a gas pump and most likely talking on a cell phone and as far as the people using the drugs it’s been a fact for many many years that heroin etc: will kill you yet you continue so it’s really hard to feel sorry for you it’s not a illness it’s a choice it’s not a disease it’s a choice many people have managed to live a good long life without using drugs so quit using it as an excuse and quit being a burden on the people that live decent lives

    • Stumped in sayre

      111%, you are 112% correct. The Dandy Mini Mart parking lots are ground zero for Bradford county’s drug dealing. I once watched a doper throw drugs in a garbage can and three minutes later another doper retrieved them. I told management about it so they could check the cameras and they blew me off. No need to go to the cops about it, they would have told me to mind my own business.

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