Animal Abuse Registry Gains Momentum

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Animal abusers might have to register like sex offenders do. A law that requires people convicted of animal abuse to register is gaining popularity across the country.

LEE COUNTY, FL — Animal abusers might have to register like sex offenders do.

A law that requires people convicted of animal abuse to register is gaining popularity across the country, according to WFTX.

The animal abuse registry is in Florida. Hillsborough County has an online database that lists animal abusers. The tool can be used by shelters and breeders to help make sure pets find good homes.

“To have a more formal approach to being able to get some background on potential adopters will streamline the adoption process,” said Laura Braun from the Animal Refuge Center in North Fort Myers.

Shelters in Lee County currently use a ‘Do not adopt’ list to check on animal abuse convictions. Braun says a database would make the process go a lot smoother if an animal abuse registry system is implemented in this part of the state.

“We’ve taken in animals that have come from less than perfect situations,” said Braun. “Being able to check up on where we are placing our animals will be very helpful,” she added.

Dog owners in Cape Coral are on board with this tool.

“I think every individual should be able to know where to find them,” said Michael Schmidt. “Just like child abusers and sex abusers, we should know who and where they are so you can avoid them,” he added.

4 In Your Corner reached out to local governments to see if and when animal abuse registries would be set up.

Collier County has a reporting system in place, but it’s not instant. You’d be able to access the information through public records.

Leaders in Cape Coral, Estero, and Bonita Springs are aware of the law. They say it’s up to the county to implement a database like the one up in Hillsborough County.

Charlotte County says they have a draft ordinance to set up an animal abuse registry. The animal control manager says he hopes to submit the ordinance to the county attorney’s office by mid-January.

Dog owners hope the idea becomes law everywhere.

“I hope it becomes a national program,” says Bob Hite. “A sex offender has to register in Florida, Michigan, or wherever else they go. I think animal abusers should carry that brand wherever they go,” he added.


  • learn something. anything.

    So we choose to “love” dogs and cats in this society and eat other animals. By this law, shouldn’t every producer of chickens, beef, pork etc also be guilty of animal abuse under this law? Shouldn’t those who buy this meat also be convicted as accomplices? How many of those who defend these cats and dogs “rights” buy corporate cheap meat everyday in the grocery store produced under unimaginable nightmarish abusive conditions? You can’t have it both ways…

    • E

      Ha ha ha! Wow you are certainly a vegetarian/vegan. Lol. What makes you think people “want it both ways”? I love my cats and dogs, some reptiles are decent pets and there are a few exotics like hedgehogs, ferrets and the like that have potential as pets. Everything else is viewed as a food source.

  • GTX

    To leave an animal outside to starve or freeze to death should be mandatory 2 years in prison and 1 year supervised probation.

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