Truck Crashes into Porch of Williamsport Home

WILLIAMSPORT -- It's not the way anyone would want to start the new year.

After a truck ran into their house, smashing the front porch, the owner and tenants are left to deal with the damage.

Brandon Whitnell and Alyssa Danley were making food when they tell Newswatch 16 the whole house shook.

"I am still shaken up," said Whitnell.

"I was kind of freaking out. I am seven months pregnant. I don't need to lose a place to live," Danley said.

Brandon and Alyssa say they just moved to the upstairs apartment at the corner of Grier Street and Park Avenue.

Shattered wood and yellow tape are now outside the front porch where they call home.

After the truck veered off the road and crashed into the house, it caught fire.

"I was still in the house when it happened, and that's when another person said to us that the truck was on fire, so we both got out the house," said Whitnell.

The damage was limited to the porch. There was no damage inside the building, so Brandon and Alyssa will be able to stay there.

Williamsport police say the driver of the truck is in custody, and charges are pending.


  • Pig Parts

    Sounds like a Frackville Street roamer tried to drive. The only roamer that could drive in Frackville drove a little scooter with some guy in overalls following him. There were a few bicycle roamers too.

  • Drive faster!

    There’s a stop sign 30 feet ahead of the crash. What the hell was this driver thinking? Obviously if he didn’t hit the house he would of hit someone at the intersection. Another Nepa nut job behind the wheel.

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