Teen Pulled from Vehicle During Carjacking at Wyoming Valley Mall

WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP -- Police in Luzerne County say a trip to the mall turned into a terrifying moment for a teenager this afternoon.

Wilkes-Barre Township Police say a 15-year-old boy was yanked from the car he was sitting by a man who then carjacked the vehicle.

Police say it was in the parking lot of the Wyoming Valley Mall that a brazen thief carjacked a vehicle right in the middle of the busy afternoon.

Police say a 15-year-old boy was sitting in a running car parked near JC Penney while his mother was shopping inside around 3 p.m.

Police say that's when a man approached the car, yanked the boy from the vehicle by his throat and then took off with the car, described to be a white Audi four-door sedan.

People at the Arena Hub Plaza across the street from the mall were stunned.

“That's horrifying. I can't believe that anyone would have the audacity to do that,” said Melissa Stone from West Pittston. “It really makes you rethink things in terms of leaving children in a car regardless of their age apparently.”

“I couldn't even imagine, I mean, I'm 20 years old right now, I couldn't even imagine a kid even,” said Rachel Phinney from Tunkhannock. “They don't exactly know what to do all the time and it would definitely freak them out, but definitely making sure you're safe and locking the doors. I mean, that's the best thing you can do.”

Police say the teenager and another witness described the man as a possibly Hispanic male, wearing a white shirt and jogging pants.

They said when the man left, he took off on Mundy Street.

Police say then another witness, the driver of a pickup truck said that a white Audi hit him on Kidder Street.

The pickup truck driver tried to follow the Audi but lost him on Interstate 81.

The Audi has not been recovered.

“If it wasn't so tragic, it's like something you would hear online as a joke,” said Joe Cammisa from Swoyersville. “Like, oh a kid gets choke slammed out of a car, car got stolen, slammed into a pickup truck, in this area.”

Police say the teenager was not hurt in the carjacking.

If you have any information you are asked to contact Wilkes-Barre Township Police.


  • Beesabub

    Moved from the West coast to get away from this illegal south of the border TRASH. It will only get WORSE when they multiply. Get ready!

  • Sad Times

    Not to be rude, but seriously, what Mother or Father, would leave any child under 18 in a running car ? How can any parent think that NEPA or the World is trustworthy enough to leave a running car while you shop ? There are bad people in the world, especially in NEPA

    • Robert

      Not rude, just stupid. Um age 16 still qualify for a Junior drivers license? Ahh, your a snowflake where the victims are guilty. I get it!

      • Tony

        And because you cannot think of anything better or more original, you have to use the term “snowflake”. So glad I moved out of NEPA.

  • Pa. Border patrol

    Ah, finally a description after 36 posts. Not bad. But before we bash this “Hispanic male,” let’s just take in consideration he was only here doing a job you and I refuse to do.

    • Robert

      whaaaa? Steeling cars?
      I think he’s here because they ran out of free chit and electricity in Puerto- no mas -Rico. The libtards gave it way amigo!

      • Tony

        “Steeling cars”
        Wow. Great education on you. “free chit” and “libtards”. The vocabulary on you is astonishing.

  • Dave

    WB and surround areas used to be a nice communities. It’s sad to see how out of state/country influences ruin a city in under 20 years. Then society as a whole ruins the youth growing up and they are disrespectful thugs who don’t value anything, not even their own lives. I wish we could take a stand and take back our towns and return it back to the people who will be productive and positive. We can’t live in fear and always have to look over our shoulders. It’s just not right! A change needs to happen and happen fast. I don’t care what race or sex you are…if you’re a lowlife scum that’s all that matters.

    • learn something. anything.

      Nice try but you are wrong. Look at the FBI’s UCR crime stats for WB, the only crime rate that has gone up in the last ten years is HATE crime. Fact.

      • Dave

        Your response is a crime simply for lacking any intelligence. Go home and feel sorry for yourself and blame other people for your problems. Instead you should be trying to make your life better, but you never will. You’ll sit back and cast blame on anything else but yourself. Grow up and start using your brain for what it was intended. I actually have a small amount of sorrow for people like you. It’s a very small amount, but I am a human so compassion and empathy is kicking in naturally.

      • Sad Times

        Agree Frank Rizzo ! So Was Williamsport, Hazelton, I used to love haging out in Wilkes-Barre, and shopping wit the family at Wyoming Valley Mall………Not no more, Williamsport, and Wilkes-Barre went to hell with the influx of big city dealers and addicts under the guise of recovering, not trying to knock the 1% that actually did recover and do better, but the rest came to rob, dope, intermingle, be obnoxious, etc. sorry folks, but it is the truth

    • Gimme Some Money

      What occurred was that the larger cities could no longer deal with the “gang” population and Cash-For-Thugs deals were made with the smaller and more rural cities to relocate individuals to different parts of the State in exchange for large sums of money. This is a practice that was in place in other cities in the mid-Atlantic and it is the rankest type of villainy imaginable. The bigger cities deliberately waved money around as if any sum would compensate hard working taxpayers to accept this burden on their economy and culture.

      “Diversity” is the battle cry of the alt left and there was once a time when different cultures moved, lived, worked, and did business within their own demographics. Today, we’re expected to behave like one big, happy family and excuse the criminal behaviors of the “underprivileged” without demanding better standards.

      A 15 year old teenager should be able to sit in a running vehicle, anywhere, without a fear of being assaulted and the vehicle stolen. That’s not “bad parenting.” It’s a standard of behavior that is now accepted and blamed upon “white privilege.”

  • Sad Times

    Hopefully someday the Car Jacker will enter the wrong car, and be greeted by a .44 Magnum to stop his carjacking urges ! So sick of the TRASH in Williamsport, Wilkes-Barre, Hazletone, Scranton ! Go back from whence ye came evil doers !

    • Robert

      44 mag bad choice for 2 legged critters my friend. Loud and makes a real mess. Over penetration is also a big problem! Looks cool in the movies though.

  • How is this acceptable?

    I would like to help in this investigation but I need a description. I hope he doesn’t commit an even worse crime (possibly murder) because no description was released. I guess we just wait for his next crime and go from there.

  • Puerto Rico is better than PA

    I wonder what the boy’s father has to say about this…… Jk jk jk no one knows who that is

    • Robert

      Yea, JP. Its always nice to feel others are obligated to follow your lead, but the reality is you need to stay one up on the enemy’s. IGNORANCE and WANT will be YOUR doom. Language empowers!


      Wow, way to be racist and ignorant. This country was meant to be a melting pot of all cultures and languages. Many other countries speak English, and many migrants try their best to learn and speak English. When people migrate here from other countries, they want a better life. I’d love to see your ignorant self attempting to travel abroad. You’d crap yourself. Language is power; knowledge is power; kindness is power. The wall is also an entire plethora of other issues. It will take money and it will hurt biodiversity along the border; but you probably can’t understand that or you probably don’t care. White is right, eh?

  • Robert

    It all happened so fast, nobody could get a good look at the guy. Rumor has it he blended in with the tinted windows.

  • Bobby Brown

    I understand that NewsWatch 16 is straight up liberal democrats and there for all stories are spun with political correctness but common man you give the description of the vehicle but no description of the suspect? You ask for anyone with information to come forward and you don’t think the approximate age, gender/sex, and race of the suspect is important enough information to give out to the public????

    • Oh My

      You know better than that. It is now the current year and age, gender, and race are all social constructs. The perp may have LOOKED like a 35 year old black male, but he identified as a 5 year old Asian girl some of the time, and the rest of the time he identified as a 22 year old Norwegian skiing competitor.

      Thanks Obamanation. Now even the news is fearful of simple facts. :-(

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