Crash During Power Outage in Exeter

EXETER --  A power outage in Exeter Monday morning was brief, but it was enough to cause some confusion and may even be to blame for a crash.

Traffic lights were out at one of the busiest intersections in Exeter. Police say that caused two drivers to crash into one another on Wyoming and Schooley Avenues.

Raymond Heil of Exeter was trying to cross the street at the time.

"I said, 'I see it coming! Bang! Here it goes.' And that was it," Heil said.

PPL cut power around 9:45 a.m. because there was a cable fire. While crews worked to fix that, traffic lights were down.

Police said both drivers passing through the intersection believed they had the right of way.

"The gray pickup came this way, and the red one came this way, and the lights were not working, and they just collided right in the middle," explained Heil.

There were no serious injuries, but the utility truck caused some minor damage by hitting a nearby building. PPL told Newswatch 16 that police should have had someone directing traffic during the outage. Police say PPL should have handled it.

"I guess when there's no traffic lights, you've got to be very, very careful, and I don't know who has the right of way or not," said Bob Borzell of Wyoming.

Regardless, people say the crash goes to show drivers they need to slow down, especially in this part of town.

"Even with the lights working correctly, everybody runs through the lights anyhow, lots of them. I see it every day," added Borzell.

Nearly 780 homes and businesses lost power for about two hours. Power was restored by noon.


  • Best Driver

    All parties are at fault. If a light isnt working STOP! Somebody should have been there to direct. A flagger even. Seriously? This is how companies like to save money? Comon this could have been avoided!

  • Somewhere in Nort'east PA

    PPL told Newswatch 16 that police should have had someone directing traffic during the outage. Police say PPL should have handled it. Meanwhile, an accident that could have been prevented resulted in property damage because neither PPL nor the Police felt it was their responsibility to direct traffic.

    • Not necessarily the news

      And two drivers that should have known better – didn’t. Blame everyone but the nuts behind the wheel.

  • Anonymous

    If you get to an intersection with a stoplight and that stoplight is not functional…you treat it the same way as an intersection with stop signs. There really should be more testing involved before handing out licenses like candy…

    • Stop it already

      Please stop using facts, logic, reason, and the law. You’re only confusing the folks that like to blame everyone but those responsible.

  • Puerto Rico is better than PA

    That cop in Exeter must be going crazy without electricity how’s he going to post casual encounters on Craigslist with other men and boys

  • 🤔

    Everyone thinks they have the right of way now a days. If someone wants to turn left at an intersection and someone from the opposite side wants to go straight, the person making the left thinks they have the right of way. Guess what…wrong! People need to take drivers Ed again in today’s society. Humans are good NG down the toilet fast! Whatever happened to kindness and consideration or brains for that matter!

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