Dogs Found Without Food in Freezing Cold in Luzerne County

CONYNGHAM TOWNSHIP — State police are investigating a case of animal abuse in Luzerne County.

Troopers responded Sunday to a property on Cemetary Road in Conyngham Township.

They say they found several dogs left out in the freezing cold with no food and frozen water.

The Luzerne County SPCA has the dogs.

State police say charges will be filed in this case.


  • Dottie

    It took 3 years to get someone out there. This weather was just too cold to not do anything. This was a group effort for the past 2 weeks. TV stations were called too. Finally the dogs were saved. It took tons of phone calls and messages and trying to explain the new law signed last year. I don’t think anything would of happened if it were not for the new law. So if anyone out there knows of animals out in this weather you need to call friends, 911, police and reach out to people that you know has a few connections. Also if I didn’t have the help of all these people I’m sure they would be out there right now. Thank You Everyone that help get these dogs a second chance.

  • Joann

    Just imagine the animals you can’t see or find.
    Being tied out is the oroblwm.
    Not being tied out without food or water.
    Shelter in this cold does nothing.
    Imagine the shaking and the pain of freezing to death.
    Anyone who does this to any animal should have the same thing done to them.

  • Bobby Brown

    Idiots don’t realize that if you are gonna leave a dog outside in winter weather you need to provide the animal with a proper waterproof coat (i.e. neoprene) fully insulated and heated doghouse with a ton of fresh unfrozen water and triple the amount of food. Cold air is dry air which dehydrates you very quickly. Eating snow cools the bodies core temperature so saying the animal can eat snow for water is ignorant at the least. The extra food is the fuel/calories that the animal must have to burn in order to generate the heat it needs to stay alive. Any a hole with a dog outside in these conditions outta try staying warm and hydrated outside with an uninsulated dog house with an inadequate amount of food and a frozen bowl of water! That’s what the fine should be when these jerks get busted, make them spend 24 hours outside in these conditions. That will end these behaviors. Why the hell would you even have a dog or pet if you would treat it so poorly to begin with?? I have rugged hunting dogs I’d put up against anyone’s and they hunt hard for me in the field and they curl up at night at my feet nice and warm in my living room at night. I can’t understand the mentality of anyone who would leave anything outside under impossible conditions such as these. It’s gotta be they are just flat out stupid or just ignorant sadistic SON of B’s. Arrest them confiscate the animals and fine the hell out of them all! You are forever responsible for that which you have tamed and that’s a big responsibility.

    • Sue Lamb

      Mr Brown I agree totally. The new law said the dogs can’t be left out no more than twenty minutes in bad weather below 32 degrees or above 90. The state is finally helping the animals let’s just hope the law is enforced to the fullest.

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