Homeless Shelter to Reopen in Lackawanna County

SCRANTON -- After deciding last month that it would close its doors, an area shelter decided to cancel those plans and reopen.

The Bethel AME Church on North Washington Avenue in Scranton announced back in November that due to lack of volunteers they wouldn’t be able to take anyone in.

That caused a bit of an upset in the community at the time leaving only one other shelter in the area for the homeless to rest overnight.

But the pastor decided it was his duty to make a difference.

“It got cold. And it weighted on my heart. The Lord put it on my heart to open the shelter and that’s what we did,” stated Darrin Banks, Pastor at Bethel AME.

The shelter at Bethel AME Church will start taking people in around 6:30 p.m. Sunday night.

It will also open the rest of the winter season when it gets bitterly cold.


    • SolvedIssue

      If anyone’s had a problem with this then Those People should donate time and volunteer to help. Problem — — – Solution…. PERIOD!

      • 🤔

        Only a sicko would say something like that. At least the pastor is doing something to help these homeless people. Keep your nasty comments to yourself. You’re the one who’s gonna answer to God for that remark.

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