A New Budget Causes Many Reactions for Those in Plymouth

PLYMOUTH -- With the sounding of the gavel, the Plymouth Borough council meeting was in session.

The big issue was the proposed tax increase, which was passed by a vote of six to one.

The new budget increases tax rates by nearly 18%.

The average household in Plymouth will see their taxes jump by almost $65 per year.

“Let’s just face it, I’m not happy about the tax increase. We’re all going to end up paying more and we already pay enough in taxes here, so we wanted to try to go with the lower potential tax increase to start out, the 7.4 taxes, but after looking at it, we realized it’s not going to be possible,” stated Gary Kochinski, council president.

And with the passing of the tax increase, Goodwill Hose Company No. 2 will remain open and the police presence in Plymouth will also increase.

“The citizens in town, they have to know, will remain with 24-hour fire protection and 24-hour police protection, as well. Also with budget pass, you’ll have an increase of police protection by about 25 percent,” Kochinski continued.

William Dixon was the lone councilman who voted against the tax increase.

He was passionate in his disapproval of the tax hike.

“You have this two percent in this town and all they do is nitpick. They always try to find a problem, which anybody could do, but they’re not a part of the solution, they’re the problem,” Dixon stated.

And those who live in Plymouth also reacted to the new budget.

“I think there’s going to be some complaints about the raising of taxes, but people realize that if you want a third fire hall, you have to pay those taxes. That will either hinder or help people make those decisions in the future,” said Scott Cannon of Plymouth.


  • Whaaaa?

    Plymouth seems to be loosing 8% of its tax base every 10 years since 1990, with 15% of its population below the poverty level. This 18% tax increase certainly reflects a town headed the way of a swirling turd in the toilet bowel. I’m just going to venture a guess here and say the decrease in population is younger educated leaving for opportunity, what going to be left is fixed income and poor. Yea a tax increase will fix that right up! Make it 22% and get ahead of the curve, the next census is coming! Projected population decrease for 2020, 6%. Your running out of people that can afford to move! Guess who’s moving in!! Section 8 slumlords probably already have a good foothold.

  • BAC percentages needs to increase

    My percentage complaint is about Pennsylvania’s BAC being lowered to .08, down from .10. What’s it going to be next year, .06? This is ridiculous! And ask a CDL holder, (NOT DRIVER) what his BAC is for driving the family car. That’s right, .04. Absolutely ludicrous! What’s that, one beer? LMAO!

  • Franko

    OMG. really people… Your taxes are going up a little less than $6 a month…So that is 2-1/2 gallons of gas less or a pack of smokes less or a fast good meal less a month that you get to spend your money on… Wah wah wah — People always complaining in NEPA about their property taxes — Try moving to states where they have real property taxes, like NY, NJ, CT, OH, IN — and see what you’d be paying for the type of property you have now… Then you’d realize how luck you have it… It’s just like people that complain about having a .05% to 1.0% local income tax, where in other states people pay 5% or more…

    • Eric Barton

      That is just the increase from 1 of 3 property taxes on top of all the other years it increased and will continue to increase. If you are such a fan of the high taxes of those states feel free to live there.

    • Takemyunderwear

      Hey Franko, I did quit smoking am walking to save that gas and have not had a burger at a fast food joint for 3 years now. All in a effort to stay in my house on a fixed income. You want my friggen underwear, cause that’s all I got left you communist chit!

  • Karma

    There was a fire in Plymouth this morning in a row house. If it wasn’t for the department we fought to save the outcome could’ve been tragic. Instead a paid driver got there quickly, professionally took control of the scene and had the fire out in minutes. Had we lost the paid drivers it could’ve added as much as 20 minutes to the response time and since fire doubles every minute the whole structure could’ve been lost with tenants left homeless and with nothing but the clothes on their back to start the new year!.

  • Uncle sam

    This is what happens when our government allows village idiots to run small town America. No wonder our government treats us like a bunch of children.

  • Givemeabreak

    Maybe someone at the third fire station is related or knows someone or is possibly even on the council, who knows. Everyone knows everyone in these little areas. I understand Plymouth is a thriving metropolis but three fire stations? Doesn’t make sense. Looks like the good ol’ boys club is strong in the swamp.

  • Fairly Represented

    If raising your taxes 18% only raised your taxes $65 I’d say that’s pretty cheap compared to our town in central Pennsylvania!

  • Puerto Rico is better than PA

    It’s so amusing reading the news from nepa. I can nottttttttt believe I use to live there

    • Bill

      It’s the residents of Plymouth who balked when the board was going to shut down a fire company but to appease the crying public they had to raise taxes to keep the “much needed” fire department around. It is the citizens that are to blame for the tax hike. God forbid we close 1 of three fire departments in a small area!

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