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Fans Thrilled with Penn State Fiesta Bowl Win

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GLENDALE, Ariz. -- The game came down to the very end, but Penn State is the Fiesta Bowl champion.

It has been a long time since the Nittany Lions won a big-time bowl game like this one.

No one in the stadium was sitting at the end of that game. Penn State fans had the place rocking. Now, the many people from our area who made the trip to Arizona are celebrating the win.

It's the first major bowl win for Penn State in a decade.

“This is so awesome! We're so excited to have a great win today,” said Lisa Miller of Pittston.

As the players celebrated a victory on the field, thousands of fans in blue and white couldn't stop cheering. Penn State defeated Washington 35-28.

Of course, when you travel this far to go to a football game, all that matters is a victory and getting to celebrate together.

"I’m so excited to be here. I was at the Rose Bowl last year. Now, it's nice to start 2018 with a win," said Morgan Madden of Towanda.

The crowd was full of people who made the trip from northeastern and central Pennsylvania.

“It's unbelievable. It was our Christmas present to each other. We're so excited to be here,” said Patti Walton of Stroudsburg.

Fans cheered hard as Penn State roared to an early lead. They celebrated touchdown after touchdown, certainly hoping the Nittany Lions could turn this one into an easy win.

But that’s not the way it went. Those fans got pretty nervous as Washington made it very close at the end.

The Nittany Lions, though, made sure those fans are going home happy. The trip home will certainly be a better one after a win.

“We'll take it any time baby! What a great win!”

“Wasn't that exciting? Down to the last seconds!”

After the game, came a victory lap of sorts for the players, but it was really more a thank you from these Lions to their dedicated fans.

That includes Penn State star running back Saquon Barkley, with many wondering if this was his last game.

If it is his last time as a Lion, he sure put on a show.

“It's Saquon. I don't know if there's much more you can say. I'd like to see him stay, but let's be realistic. We'll see,” said Madden.

And thinking of the future, fans know this Penn State team has returned to being among college football's best.


  • So Sad for the Haters!

    So sad that after all this time the haters are still so consumed and obsessed. Even worse is lowering themselves to the lies and misinformation they feel is necessary to defend their position. The players on this team had absolutely nothing to do with Jerry Sandusky and were babies at the time all that was going on! Do you all want your children and grandchildren to be punished today for the sins and transgressions of a Little League, PeeWee football or high school coach of 20 years ago?

  • Just wondering...

    Is the District Attorney that started investigating key persons in Pennstate molestation scandal still missing? The last I heard they found his laptop in the river and his car abandoned in a parking lot. And that was years ago!

  • try elsewhere

    Nearly $6,000,000/year just to the head coach per year of your tax dollars. Unbelievable — people support this nonsense and complain about their taxes at the same time.

    • We Are....IDIOTS!!

      Compare Coach Franklin’s $6,000,000 to the average salary of a Penn State professor. That shows you where the priorities lie.

    • Oleo Sampucci

      Tax dollars do not pay the coach’s salary. Any and all expenses/salaries of athletic coaches are paid for by revenue from the athletic programs.

      • Oleo Sampucci

        Thanks, people don’t understand that most FCS and FBS schools have stand alone athletic departments. They need to generate enough revenue to pay for salaries, expenses and building maintenance. At PSU, all of the athletic facilities (Beaver Stadium, Natatorium. Bryce Jordan Center, and other athletic fields) are owned by the athletic department, I don’t know where “Try Elsewhere” is getting his information. Franklin was paid $1.6MM this year by Penn State Athletics. He received $2.2MM from TV and Radio and $500K from Nike. I’m not a math whiz but that does not add up to $6MM. He will also receive $200K for the bowl appearance. That’s it for 2017. His salary escalates every year and will be paid $3.5MM by the Athletic Department in 2022, along with TV and Nike payments. I am not pulling these figures out of the air, his contract is public record if you look on the Athletic Department website.

      • try elsewhere

        Except you do not point out that they have run huge multi-million dollar deficits for years and years — covered by the tax-payers. Ridiculous. These deficits do not even include huge stadium and training facilities construction and maintenance costs, infra-structure of secretaries, directors etc, scholarships for these semi-pro players (which could go to science and engineering students (that would contribute to the Commonwealth), recruiting, pensions of all these personnel etc which run in the hundreds of millions. Again, ridiculous.

      • Oleo Sampucci

        I don’t know where are gleaning your information, but there are no “multi million dollar” deficits funded by the taxpayers. If the athletic debarment needs money quickly they can float a bond issue. In addition, if you read the news, you will see that any new construction of any new athletic facility will not start until they have the money. Again, the financial statements of the university and he athletic department are both public record. So, please look at them and explain to me how the taxpayers are funding athletics at Penn State (or any other university around the country). What the heck is infra-structure of secretaries? That’s a new one. Finally, scholarship monies are raised through donation to NLC and Levi Lamb foundation. No, repeat no tax dollars go toward any athletic scholarship. And if you read my previous note, all salaries, pension, health benefits for any paid employee of the Athletic Department are paid for by the Athletic Department revenue. It’s not just Penn State it is most other universities. You have not clue what you are talking about. Non-athletic scholarships are also not funded by the taxpayers. They are funded through university endowments. What the Commonwealth (state) does fund is a yearly (for lack of a better word) “donation” to the university to be used for tuition and operating expenses, not for stadium and football. You really need to do your research of where the tax dollars of the state go.

    • Oleo Sampucci

      Here you go, right from the Harrisburg Patriot. Note that this money goes to the university, not the athletic department.

      UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – After an extended budget stalemate, a supplemental state budget bill that includes increased funding for Penn State and Pennsylvania’s other state-related universities for the 2016-2017 budget year will become law. As part of the budget deal, passed by the legislature and allowed to become law after the governor decided against a veto, Penn State will see a 5 percent increase in its general support appropriation, from $214.1 million to $224.8 million. The budget also includes $50.55 million for Agricultural Research and Extension programs at Penn State, which provide critical services to the agriculture industry and citizens in all 67 Pennsylvania counties.

  • Just saying

    I would rather roll around naked in a bathtub full of razorblades and shards of glass while violently sodomizing myself with a weedwacker than I would to claim myself as a fan of Pennstate.

  • #littleboyslivesmatter

    Headline should read, “Pennstate barely won.” A score I wouldn’t be proud of. Especially against a team like Washington. Between molestation of little boys and hazing deaths, Pennstate is at the point of embracing anything that looks like a positive.

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