Sunbury Police Officer Placed on Administrative Leave

SUNBURY -- A police officer is off the job and under investigation in Northumberland County.

Officer Steven Mazzeo of the Sunbury Police Department has been placed on administrative leave with pay.

Officer Mazzeo was once a police chief until he was demoted in 2014.

Sunbury’s mayor says there is now an investigation into whether officer Mazzeo violated multiple Sunbury PD rules.


  • Good Job

    Multiple Sunbury PD rules. Like………..what? Which ones? Gosh, my head is swimming with all of the information. **more sarcasm** WHY bother reporting something if there are no facts available? There were facts available for the terrorist shooting in Harrisburg by a lone gunmuslim, but that didn’t even get one word from WNEP’s **journalism.**

    Ah, we do revel in the ability to pick and choose, don’t we.

  • George Arce

    Administrative leave with pay, wow, sounds like paid time off. It’s a reward rather than a penalty. He shouldn’t get paid, or get paid if or when exonerated.

  • Bill K.

    Of course the city will say “it’s a personnel issue and we can’t comment on it”. That’s BS. It’s tax dollars that pay the police. Anything that tax dollars pays for should be wide open. No “personal issue” bs. You lost that privilege when you start taking tax dollars for your income.

    • try elsewhere

      does that include seeing trump’s tax returns, how much his golf trips are costing us, how much he has hidden in foreign accounts, how much he is profiting from political use of his properties while in office etc etc etc?. Didn’t think so…

      • 🤔

        I don’t agree he should show his tax returns cuz Obummer didn’t have to she his birth certificate. I think that’s way more important than tax returns, don’t you?

      • try elsewhere

        It’s been produced and certified. Get over it. How about trump’s wife being here illegally before he bought (oops — married) her?

      • Merica

        How many months did it take the Kenyan to produce the birth certificate? That looked like it just came out of the printer? Long enough to make sure anyone that could disprove it was silenced or paid off? Doesn’t matter now anyhow – DJT is the President now and he’s doing his best to undo the chaos caused by O’muslim. President Trump is in charge now, get over it.

    • Merica

      Every day? OK big mouth, let’s hear a police scandal for every day this year. ‘We the People?’ More like you the stupid. I can see you scouring the inter webs now for corrupt police activity to prove your point. Get a life.

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