Pennsylvanians Buying Fireworks for New Year’s Eve

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POCONO TOWNSHIP -- The shelves inside the Fireworks Outlet in Pocono Township are stacked with tons of fireworks to light up the sky.

Now that Pennsylvanians can legally buy aerial fireworks, Michael Pakuris from Philadelphia stopped by to pick up a few different kinds.

"It's amazing. Earlier you were restricted to just the little ones but now, now you can get the big booms," said Michael Pakuris, Philadelphia.

The new state law passed in October.

It allows Pennsylvania residents to buy these bigger batches of fireworks.

Adam Maggio from Philadelphia says it will make his parties more entertaining and maybe even a little safer.

"I had to make it fun by jumping over giant fountain crackers or setting myself on fire but now we get to set the sky on fire," said Adam Maggio, Philadelphia.

More and more Pennsylvanians have been coming in to buy aerial fireworks now that the new law has been passed, and a big holiday weekend is coming up, they are ready to light up the sky.

Ken Schuchman is the owner of Fireworks Outlet.

He also owns two other fireworks stores in Monroe County.

He says plenty of Pennsylvania residents have been coming in to buy fireworks for this upcoming weekend.

"Business has been great. People are coming in, looking at all the different products we have here and they are excited to buy," said Ken Schuchman, Fireworks Outlet owner.

"You used to be jealous of everyone else. Like why can't I be from Jersey, Maryland, Delaware but now everyone gets a piece of everything so why not? It's a great thing that they passed it," said Maggio.

Before you buy these aerial fireworks, check with your municipality to see if you're allowed to set them off there.


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