History Made at Wayne County Courthouse

HONSEDALE -- The walls of the Wayne County Courthouse in Honesdale display decades of tradition.

Judge after judge to preside over the county.

That tradition takes a different course in 2018 with former county District Attorney Janine Edwards.

Edwards is now Wayne County’s first female judge.

Surrounded by her family, Edwards took an oath and was sworn in as judge on Friday afternoon.

The courtroom was full, but Judge Edwards had a message for one group in particular.

She also serves as the Honesdale Lady Hornets Basketball Coach.

She hopes her players see themselves in her.

“It’s important to me because I’m with the girls all the time. We play basketball. I coach the girls. I have a young daughter. Nobody ever said to me, ‘You can’t do this.’ So, I want them to know they can. And, if you have that goal, and you look ahead for what can be, I think it gives them some positivity in helping them get there,” stated Edwards.

With a trailblazer as their coach, the girls seem to get the message.

“It’s really inspiring. Like Janine said, you can do anything you put your mind to. I know that’s a really tough thing for girls our age to believe in, but she really inspires me to go for my dreams and everything,” said one basketball player, Sarah Keast.

Judge Edwards will replace now retired Judge Raymond Hamill as President Judge for Wayne County.

“You felt the whole time that this was a community gathered together to experience and celebrate a transition that is going to be fantastic for the people of Wayne County,” stated Judge Raymond Hamill.

A transition that will provide a fresh face to the courthouse walls.


  • warningfakenews

    Someone once commented on end-zone celebrations, the best way to celebrate is to act as though you’ve been there before and you expect to be there again on a regular basis.

    • Good Job

      Well said, and I don’t understand this “first female,” “first non-binary,” “first ____.” Aren’t current day feminists demanding that they NOT be recognized as female? I don’t understand anything, anymore.

      Hey! How about that Harrisburg terrorist event that never made the WNEP news reports!? Amazing, right?

      • keep the...

        The PSP has investigated and it was not a terrorist attack. In the same way you get to ignore e.g. the Las Vegas massacre as not being a terrorist attack because it was a white christian, not every crime done by someone with a name you don’t like is not automatically a terrorist attack.

    • DinoB325

      Homeland security has said it WAS a terror attack. Nice liberal try “keep the”, if you repeat a lie, eventually people will believe it, the liberal way.

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