Cold Does Not Stop Tradition in Pottsville

POTTSVILLE -- The frosty forecast isn't stopping Pottsville from having its annual outdoor New Years Eve celebration, but it is causing the city to modify it.

“Because of the cold we're condensing what we're doing because we understand you know it will be very cold and people will not be out for very long," Pottsville City Administrator, Tom Palamar told Newswatch 16.

The city administrator told Newswatch 16 that even in years past where the temperatures were cold, Garfield Square was still full when it was time to ring in the new year. He also said the DJ will begin the outdoor event between 11:15 and 11:30 pm.

At midnight the town will be using this larger-than-life Yuengling lager bottle in the new years eve countdown

"Which we raise, we don't drop because you know we raise it in a toast to the new year rather than you know you don't want to drop a bottle," says Palamar.

Right now an American flag sits onto of the pole in Garfield Square in Pottsville, but on New Years Eve a lager bottle will be raised to the top as part of a tradition that started in 2006.


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