Bakers Busy Leading Up to New Year

PLAINS TOWNSHIP-- The new year is right around the corner! While a lot of us may be planning to hit the gym in 2018, bakers are busy filling orders to fit in a final sweet treat.

Customers at Bakery Delite in Plains Township may not be ordering the same thing.

However, they can agree on one thing! Here, you have your pick of cookies, cupcakes, and even cannolis for New Years celebrations.

“Everything. Everything they make is top quality. I’ve never had a bad cake or pie from the bakery,” LuAnn Hancock of West Pittston said.

“They have great stuff here. That’s why I come here every morning about seven o’clock,” Bill Mericle of Kingston said.

Bakers in Luzerne County get ready for the New Year’s desert demand months ahead of time.

“For the shortbread cookies, we do over 800 of them. Those are the decorated cookies. So they’re a little bit more time consuming,” Cake decorator Morghann Crossley said. “The smaller sugar cookies, we do thousands and thousands of those! That’s a couple thousand.”

Fresh bread is also a big hit for the holiday.

“We make everything from scratch,” Co-Owner George Blom said. “Not too many bakeries left that make scratch items anymore.”

The bakery’s rye bread is also a hot ticket item for New Year’s. Part of the reason why bakers said it is so delicious is that the sour has been there for 37 years.

“That means we feed it every day and that’s what makes it key: the flavor. We have other sour breads, too, olive sour bread, regular sour bread, they’re made with the sours, too,” Baker Sam Carrera said.

At the end of the day, it’s all baked down to tradition.

“When everybody gets together for the holidays, it’s just tradition. It’s something everybody enjoys,” Manager Annette Kosmach said.

If you want to get your order in, you better do it soon!