An Emotional Last Day for Moosic Police Chief

MOOSIC -- Friday was the last call Moosic Police Chief, Charles Maurer will ever take, and its and emotional one.

“It’s going to be rough walking out of here at 3 o’clock today,” stated Chief Charles Maurer.

“I’ve known him my whole career. Today is my last day and it’sk ind of weird when he walks out the door today that that’s going to walk out as the chief of police,” said Jim Decker who is part of the Moosic Police Department.

Chief Maurer started his career at the Moosic Police Department in 1972 when he was just 22 years old.

He became chief in 1991.

“It’s been a hectic thing. Let me tell you. I enjoyed it though and it’s just time to go. After 45 years it was time to go,” Maurer continued.

Maurer recalls several tough days throughout his career including a case back in 2001 when he had to help find the bodies of two children.

“I had a good career. I enjoyed myself. I had some rough times. I had some good tiems. But everything worked out nice,” Maurer stated.

He credits a lot of his success on the job to the people who worked under him.

All of them got together on his last day to wish him well.

“Just as long as he has a happy healthy life. Enjoy his family now. He’ll have more time to spend with his grandkids and I’m sure he’ll have a lot of new adventures to be on,” added Decker.

There are many days with his grandkids planned, but Chief Maurer will be dropping one title and taking on another in retirement.

He is about to start his term as a Moosic Borough Councilman.

“I enjoy working with people. Dealing with people. That’s why I really got involved in this,” finished Maurer.

Maurer will be sworn in on Tuesday at the borough council meeting.

His replacement will also be discussed at that meeting.


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