Two Men Charged With Homicide in Monroe County

JACKSON TOWNSHIP -- Two men are now charged with homicide for a murder in the Poconos.

Michael Owens and Randy Criste-Troutman were charged via video arraignment Thursday morning for the death of Demetrio Hughes.

Both men are currently in state prison on unrelated charges.

Investigators say the pair lured Hughes to a wooded area of Jackson Township, near Tannersville, in 2016 because they felt he had cheated them in a drug deal.

The pair shot Hughes and left his body.

A few days later, they returned to the spot to burn the remains in Monroe County.


  • keep the...

    Interesting that you consider asking people to judge a person simply by their actions and not their race to be “political correctness.’ The correct term would be “upholding American values”.

  • What Happened In Harrisburg????

    I see that someone was on the ball and changed Owen’s mugshot to something a little less horrifying. Good work. Now, how’s about posting something about that terrorist shooting in Harrisburg? Nope? Didn’t think so………..

    • try elsewhere

      Maybe because the PSP have said it was NOT terrorism. But there were 9 shooting deaths in the last 72 hours in the USA by WHITE terrorists. But that doesn’t interest you….

      • Good Job

        Yes, yes…………white people are bad, evil, and should be eradicated from the planet, right? Along with rules, morals, ethics, principles, goals, expectations, and common sense.

  • Ronald

    Wnep, the fact that you continue to leave comment sections on articles shows your either ignorant or arrogant of the hatred spewed on this site.

    Don’t get the Trump lovers a platform

    • Robert

      Ronald the fact these two are not Caucasian has nothing to do with what I would do. My gallows would look like a rainbow! But there would be gallows! But, elect me sheriff and I’d put the USA right up there with China, Saudi or Iran!

  • try elsewhere

    Conngrats! Late Xmas present for all you racists to have a chance to spread your viscous hate and ignorant narrative that crime is crime only when non-white people are involved. Your bigoted, hate-filled rants really bring out the loving message of Jesus! Hallelujah!

    • Jeff Woehrle

      Calm down, gruber.

      You may wish to ignore the race of people involved, but that doesn’t change the facts of the issue. The suspects are charged with murder, and the taking of human life is no place for political correctness. Wise up.

    • Robert

      Hate? Not sure I’m disgusted with more to be honest. Those that prove themselves to be nefarious (regardless of race) or the society that tolerates it. Would you adopt these two?

  • jeep guy

    I can Just about guess where they came from. Rent a U-Haul pack them up drive them to the water gap bridge. Make sure they do not ever come back. Rot in Rikers Island

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      So what would be the correct comments?

      Comments based on face value observation of the details presented, that is.

  • S. Corvette

    More government freebies for the lazy seems to be the only answer. Oh, wait a minute, ain’t they’s tried that in the Bronx and in the city of Compton and nows we got less oppotoonity than weez knows what to dooz with? Maybe i’m just thinking of somewhere else where that worked

  • Feed Me More

    funny how just seeing their faces and you know they are criminals. need to drive up and down the streets grabbing these people up and start concentration camps and just think about how low the crime rate will go down

  • Frank N.

    The Poconos used to be a nice place to live. Until this trash started following the New York migration in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Look whats happened around the college. I used to park in Eagle Valley shopping center, leave my keys under the mat and go for a jog. I wouldn’t do that now w/o a 9 mm. Luckily work took me elsewhere. I feel very bad for the natives, what a change to the area these sub humans have brought with them.

    • What Happened In Harrisburg????

      There was a shooting? In Harrisburg? That’s impossible, or WNEP would have run a story about such a horrific event, particularly IF the ALLEGED gunmuslim was ALLEGEDLY aiming at law enforcement! No, this can’t be true.

  • seen it all

    Not men there , just worthless trash going to the big trash compactor of our prison system – Till it’s discovered we cant afford to keep trash for life at this astronomical rate , Then our great lawmakers will arrange a large scale dump of trash back to the public .

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